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Dilemmas in Dealing with Climate Change in India

  • Author(s): Manish Shrivastava
  • Size: 140 mm × 210 mm
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Pages: 82
  • ISBN: 9788195077670
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Be it an extremely hot day or a day of heavy rains, people jokingly attribute the weather to climate change—and that is the sole extent of public discourse on the topic. Seldom does anyone pause to think of such extreme-weather days becoming threateningly frequent and whether that threat is avoidable.

Climate change has complex global, national, and regional implications in its impacts and in the policies to respond to those impacts. For India, the complexities inherent in the policies are magnified because of the country’s size, population, and diversity, both economic and cultural. Opinions vary among experts and policymakers on how India should address the problem of climate change, but a public discourse – a refined and informed one – remains only a distant possibility so far. However, public opinion is necessary for a comprehensive, bold, and successful policy response, and it is important that public opinion be based on a coherent and scientifically robust understanding of the challenges and possible solutions to the threat of climate change.

Dilemmas in Dealing with Climate Change in India invites the general public to engage with the issue of climate change, shows how it affects the country and the lives of its citizens, and suggests what should be done to counter climate change. The book sets out themes that its readers can readily relate to and those that will prompt readers to want to know more, challenges them to form informed opinions, but also cautions them about forming them in haste—a must-read for those looking for a source that explains climate change simply, clearly, and concisely.

Target Audience

    Adults who are concerned about topical issues but lack the understanding to make sense of what they read or watch in the mass media.

Table of Contents

    • Foreword
    • Preface
    • Introduction
    • Climate change: a scientific perspective
    • How should India be concerned about climate change?
    • India and the global politics of climate change
    • The landscape of adaption policy
    • Climate change mitigation in India
    • The capacity challenge to implementation
    • Social objectives and climate policy
    • India’s net-zero target: the context and road ahead
    • A just transition: difficult choices
    • The not-so-changing landscape of climate governance
    • Conclusions
    • Bibliography


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