Sun Through the Roof

  • Author(s): Suneel Deambi and Shirish S Garud
  • Size:140 mm x 215 mm
  • Pages: 48
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9788179936832
  • Cover Price:

    Rs.299.00 / US $21.00

  • Special Price: Rs. 270.00 / US $19.00

Book Details

Sun Through the Roof introduces its readers to grid-connected rooftop solar systems for the residential sector. Against the backdrop of rising tariffs coupled with fluctuating voltage and continuing shortage of electricity – and the noise and fumes from diesel-powered generators to make up for such poor-quality supply – the book hopes to convince its readers of the many benefits of generating electricity through rooftop solar systems while, at the same time, making readers aware of some of the drawbacks of those systems.

In keeping with the objectives of the ‘Concerned Citizen’ series, Sun Through the Roof seeks to answer many of the frequently asked questions about rooftop solar systems and also to provide essential information and insights to those who are considering that option not only to reduce their electricity bills but also to do their bit for the environment and sustainable development.

Here are the kind of questions answered in the book:

  • Will I have continuous supply if I install a rooftop solar system?
  • What should be the right-capacity (kilowatts) system for me?
  • Do I get any subsidy from the government (state or central)?
  • How much will I earn by selling surplus electricity?
  • What is the difference between net metering and gross metering?

Table of Contents

    Foreword / Electricity: capacity and consumption  / Cleaner sources of energy  / Two forms of solar energy: light and heat  / Electricity from sunlight: use-as-you-go or store and use later?  / Electricity for consumption or for saving money?  / How does a solar cell work?  / The technology of a solar cell  / Producing a silicon wafer  / Solar modules and arrays  / A complete and functional system to tap solar energy  / Technical aspects  / Modules: performance and cost  / Choosing the right inverter / Support structures  / Solar trees / Balance of system / Monitoring and maintenance  / Testing and quality assurance / Financial aspects / Progress of rooftop solar energy in India / A guided tour of a solar rooftop system / Summary of tasks / Site-specific survey / Installing a solar rooftop system: Q & A / Business models for solar rooftop systems / Net versus gross metering: current (2021) regulations / Solar electricity for housing societies / Other possible citizen-centric uses of solar electricity / Solar energy for the countryside / The game-changing National Solar Mission / Conclusions  / Bibliography


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