Clean Transport in India: the pathway to sustainable transport

  • Author(s): Shri Prakash and Sharif Qamar
  • Size: 140 mm × 210 mm
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Pages: 96
  • ISBN: 9789394657038
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    Rs.299.00 / US $21.00

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Book Details

As extreme weather events – the heat wave in Delhi in May 2022 and the unusually heavy rains in September 2022 – become more frequent, fulfilling the predictions of climate change experts, reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases that drive the climate change becomes increasingly urgent. Next to coal-fired power stations and the industrial sector, it is transport that accounts for a major share in these emissions, which makes Clean Transport in India a particularly timely publication. The book not only presents all the relevant statistics but, more important, explains the implications of those numbers and the interconnections between different facets of transport: for example, the greater number of vehicles on roads may seem to favour mobility but in fact makes roads more congested—and the congestion makes air pollution more severe, thereby aggravating its impact on health. At the same time, the book is not a prophet of doom but also touches upon electric vehicles, hydrogen fuel cells, drones, and even flying cars.

Instead of fretting and fuming when you are caught in a traffic jam, read this book: it will not only calm you but, who knows, may inspire you to be a ‘green’ commuter.

Target Audience

    Adults who are concerned about topical issues but lack the understanding to make sense of what they read or watch in the mass media.

Table of Contents



    Environment, climate change, and transport
    Rising air pollution and impact on health
    Link between air pollution and transport
    Linking domestic strategies with global aims

    Transport infrastructure development

    Mobility and transport
    Transport pricing
    Modal mix
    Types of vehicles
    Passenger mobility
    Modes of travel
    Freight transport
    Projected trends in freight traffic
    The COVID-19 pandemic and transport

    Sustainable transport
    Strategies for sustainable transport
    Rising fuel prices and sustainable transport
    Prioritizing sustainable transport

    Emerging challenges
    Unplanned city expansion
    Economy based on privately owned vehicles
    Inadequate public transport
    The problem of parking
    Fuel consumption and emissions
    Oil imports and energy security
    Unsafe mobility
    Absence of a unified transport authority

    The road ahead
    Commitments under the Paris Agreement
    Futuristic low-carbon transport solutions
    Future of transport


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