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TERI Press, the publishing arm of TERI, is an independent publishing house in its own right based in New Delhi, India. Best known for its titles in the areas of environment, energy, and sustainable development, TERI Press is committed to publishing high quality works at all levels—from Children books to higher education and magazines to journals.

It is committed to publishing the best-quality books, and has received both national and international recognition for its versatility and efficiency. TERI Press has gone from strength to strength. Enhancing its capacities has gained prominence over the past few years, as new, experimental forms of publications, such as non-fiction knowledge books under the imprint of Terrapin for children on environment issues, have made their presence felt. At TERI, we arrived at the unanimous conclusion that sensitizing the people, using a powerful medium,hence we brought Audio visuals which have larger impact in sensitizing people

TERI Press is eager to consider proposals for new books. Our biggest endeavour is to promote indigenous scholarship, and to bring Indian and South Asian scholars and their works to the international academic arena.

TERI Press has built a strong marketing network that can maximize the sales potential of a book. Our effort is to combine the knowledge about the content and understanding of the long-term publishing needs to produce a book that satisfies the market and reflects the author's enthusiasm and expertise. The production editors take every care to ensure error-free production of each title. Using the latest technology available, our books are produced efficiently and quickly. Our dissemination services rely on a continuously updated database and contact management system to ensure that the publications reach the right audience.

The TERI Press team of dedicated writers, copy-editors, designers, graphic artists, production supervisors, and dissemination experts place great emphasis on quality, adhering to a stringent set of standards

Turn-key Publishing

TERI Press also undertakes turn-key publishing assignments in technical writing and editing, document designing and electronic publishing.

What TERI Press can do for you?

  • If you have an idea for a publication and supply content, we can organize the content from several sources into a cohesive document tailored for a defined audience and purpose.
  • If you already have the content prepared for a single document, we can edit the matter for spelling, grammar, punctuation, usage, and style.
  • If you give us edited content, we can design a layout for it and format the content into a document ready for printing.
  • If you plan to undertake some of these jobs in-house, we can train your staff in technical writing and editing, document designing, and electronic publishing.
  • If you have printed material for dissemination, we can distribute copies to a sector-specific readership drawn from our database within the broad area of energy, the environment, and sustainable development to extend your reach.

‘Made to order’ publishing

Annual reports, newsletters, publicity literature, manuals, brochures highlighting social work—many organizations publish far more than they realize. And very often it shows. TERI has been publishing for more than two decades and should like other organizations to share its expertise. Most research institutes, for example, lack a separate publications unit and expect professional researchers to take on the job of publishing as an additional responsibility. Other organizations may have a one-time need to publish. TERI Press has successfully collaborated with such organizations in turning raw materials into finished documents on a turnkey basis.

Technical editing

Editorial scrutiny in TERI Press goes well beyond spelling and grammar: our editors will not only change ‘dispose off’ to ‘dispose of’ and ‘despatch’ to ‘dispatch’ but will want to know why an author has switched mid-stream from ‘centre’ to ‘center’, whether the population being quoted for Uttar Pradesh excludes that of Uttaranchal, and how it is that segment A of a pie chart is shown larger than segment B when the data in an accompanying table show just the opposite. And they will notice if a hyphen has been made to do the job of a proper minus sign.

User-friendly design

What use is a perfectly edited document if its design fails simple tests of usability? Designers in TERI Press are aware that lines of text longer than 65–70 characters are harder to read (readers frequently miss a line or come back to the same line again), that Arial and Times Roman are best avoided if the text contains e-mail addresses (readers may mistake the numeral one for a capital ‘I’ or small ‘l’), and that smooth, coated papers are useless for forms because they are so difficult to write on. Attention to such details ensures a usable document but visualizers in TERI Press go beyond mere usability to produce designs that give each document or a series of documents a unique – and appropriate – ‘look and feel’ through the use of photographs, drawings and paintings, and typography.

Practical, ‘hands-on’ training

Training at TERI seeks to empower: we believe that desktop publishing is a powerful communication tool, and that a little training goes a long way in helping users publish more effective documents. Our workshops are oversubscribed, and our staff often invited to share their experience of running an efficient in-house publishing service. We use ‘live’ training material (taken from jobs currently in hand) and schedule one-to-one coaching sessions to supplement lectures and demonstrations. And we always point the participants in our workshops to easily available Internet resources so that they can continue to learn on the job after going back.

Focused distribution

Disseminating information is a part of TERI’s charter. Often, the organization’s commitment to building awareness demands that we distribute some of our publications at no charge—which makes us all the more careful about being on target. Need to contact key individuals in the coal sector? Only those in, say, Punjab and Haryana? Do you want to reach all the schools active in environmental issues? Our continually updated database and contact management system ensure that your publications reach the right audience, as did those of the Deutsche Bank Foundation, Indo-Italian Chamber of Commerce, and AEA Technology plc (UK), who entrusted that responsibility to TERI.



Ms Anupama Jauhry
Head-TERI Publication & Associate Director
The Energy and Resources Institute
Darbari Seth Block
India Habitat Centre
Lodhi Road, New Delhi - 110 003
E-mail Anupama.Jauhry@teri.res.in
TERI Press Tel. 2468 2100 or 71102100
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