TERI Energy & Environment Data Diary and Yearbook (TEDDY) 2017-18

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  • Pages: 350
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  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9789386530868
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Book Details

TERI Energy & Environment Data Diary and Yearbook (TEDDY) is an annual publication brought out by The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) since 1986. It is the only comprehensive energy and environment yearbook in India that provides updated information on the energy supply sectors (coal and lignite, petroleum and natural gas, power, and renewable energy sources), energy demand sectors (agriculture, industry, transport, household), and local and global environment sectors (environment and climate change). The publication also provides a review of the government policies that have implications for the sectors of the Indian economy.

In TEDDY, an account of India’s commercial energy balances is given, which provide comprehensive information on energy flows within different sectors of the economy and how they have been changing over time. These energy balances and conversion factors are a valuable ready reckoner for researchers, scholars, and organizations working in the energy sector. After the introductory chapters, for the ease of readers, TEDDY has been divided into sections on energy supply, energy demand, and local and global environment. Interactive graphs, figures, maps, and tables have been used throughout the chapters to explain facts, which make the book an interesting read. In addition, detailed tables at the end of each chapter represent statistical data on each of the above-mentioned sectors. The publication is accompanied by a complimentary CD containing full text. The publication has more than 15,000 readers across the globe and is often cited in international peer-reviewed journals and policy documents.

Key Features

    • Exhaustive compilation of data from energy supply and demand sectors
    • Recent data along with data from the past years covered in the form of structured and easy-to-understand tables
    • Recent advances made in the energy sectors
    • Self-explanatory figures and graphs showing the latest trends in various sectors
    • The “Green Focus” at the end of every chapter highlights a topical issue
    • A complimentary CD that contains all the chapters and additional tables

Target Audience

    Researchers and Professionals from industries, government organizations, and public sector undertakings. Research scholars from different NGOs, bilateral and multilateral institutions, and academic institutions.

Table of Contents

    About TEDDY 2017/18
    List of Tables
    List of Figures
    List of Maps

    1. Energy and environment: an overview

    Energy supply

    1. Coal and lignite
    2. Petroleum and natural gas
    3. Power
    4. Renewable energy sources and technologies

    Energy demand

    1. Agriculture
    2. Industry
    3. Transport
    4. Household energy

    Local and global environment

    1. Air quality and pollution
    2. Solid waste management
    3. Water resource management
    4. Land and forest resource management
    5. Climate change



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