Wind Power: Practical Aspects

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Climate change is one of the biggest challenges of 21st century. In the pursuit to combat climate change, renewable energy is seeing a boom in growth. Wind energy is leading the way as it offers a sustainable option. Harnessing energy from the wind and turning it into electricity has many advantages. It does not lead to air or water pollution.

Wind Power: Practical Aspects focuses on developing wind power projects in India. It covers factors such as the selection of suitable sites, wind turbines, erection, and commissioning. The book also analyses and explains estimation of energy and cost. Various departments and organizations involved in the process of project approval and implementation are included in detail. The book explains grid management, repowering, development of offshore wind power projects and wind–solar hybrid power projects. Probable accidents in wind power projects, remedial measures, important statistical data of India and the world are also covered.

Target Audience

    Researchers and Students, Planners, Investors, financial institutions, developers, contractors, construction engineers, erection engineers, commissioning engineers and operations and maintenance staff, engaged in wind power sector

Table of Contents

    1. Wind Energy: A Way Out to Combat Climate Change by Public Awareness and Participation
    Climate Change and Disasters
    Global Efforts
    India’s Initiatives
    Development of Renewable Energy in India
    Way Forward

    2. Wind Energy: Nature’s Gift
    Wind Power History
    Wind Power: Advantages and Challenges
    Trends in Wind Turbine Sizes and Technology
    World Scenario
    Indian Scenario

    3. Basic Technology of Electric Power Generation from Wind
    Electrical Output, Turbine Variants, and Interdisciplinary Interdisciplinary Design
    Configurations of a Wind Turbine
    Power Curve
    Betz’s Law
    Regulation of Turbine Speed and Output
    Bearing Arrangement
    Lighting Protection and Safety
    Braking System
    Twisting of Cables
    Protection Against Extreme Temperatures
    Communication and Control
    Supervisory Control and Condition Monitoring System

    4. Suitable Sites
    Wind Resource Assessment Programmes in India
    Wind Monitoring Mast
    Frequency Distribution
    Wind Power Density Maps of India
    Wind Data Sharing Policy 2017
    Wind Power Potential of Site

    5. Project Approvals, Government Incentives, and Finance Arrangement
    Guidelines for Development of Onshore Wind Power Plants Approvals
    Transition from Feed-in Tariff to Tariff-based Competitive Bidding
    Changing the Business Scenario for Investors
    Financial Institutions

    6. Selection of Turbine and Energy Estimation
    Technical Particulars
    Wind Resource and Land Features
    Roughness Classes and Lengths
    Survey of India
    Micro-siting of Turbines and Layout of a Wind Farm
    Selection of Turbine and Energy Estimation
    Forecasting and Scheduling
    Methods of Wind Power Forecasting
    Software Packages for Wind Power Development

    7. Project Cost and Tariff
    Total Project Cost
    Operation and Maintenance Cos
    Wind Energy Tariff

    8. Project Implementation
    Land Acquisition and Allotment
    Approach Road and Internal Roads
    Preparatory Civil Construction Works at Site
    Tower Foundation: Loads on Tower and Types of Towers
    Considerations for Cyclone-prone Areas
    Considerations for Earthquake-resistant Design
    Factory Acceptance Tests|
    Transportation of Equipment to Site
    Field Tests
    Electric Power Flow from Wind Electric Generators to Main Grid
    Sequence: Concept to Commissioning
    Remote Monitoring
    Documents and Records
    Safety Aspects in Site Activities
    Operation, Maintenance, and Checks/Inspection
    Warranties/Guarantees and Insurance
    Training of Staff
    Security Staff

    9. Grid Management
    Development of Indian Power Grid
    Challenges Imposed by Wind Energy in Transmission of Power
    Large-scale Integration of Renewable Energy
    Green Energy Corridor and Renewable Energy Management Centres

    10. Role of Mnre , Niwe, State Nodal Agencies, and Regulatory Commissions
    Ministry of New and Renewable Energy
    National Institute of Wind Energy
    Wind Turbine Testing
    State Nodal Agencies
    Electricity Regulatory Commissions

    11. Repowering of Old Wind Power Projects
    Policy for Repowering of the Wind Power Projects
    Repowering Opportunities
    Challenges in Repowering
    Layout of a Wind Farm with New Turbines
    Cost Estimation
    Study of Muppandal Wind Farms for Repowering
    Repowering Wind Power Projects in India
    Repowering Wind Power Projects in Europe

    12. Offshore Wind Power Development
    Cost Economics
    Global Scenario
    India: Scope, Challenges, and Planning

    13. Grid-connected Wind–Solar PV Hybrid Systems
    Policy Initiatives by Mnre for Large Wind–Solar Hybrid Systems
    Layout of a Wind–Solar Hybrid Power Plant
    Wind–Solar Pv Hybrid System
    Large Capacity Wind–Solar Pv Hybrid Project
    Indian Scenario
    Small Wind–Solar Pv Hybrid Systems

    14. Technology Advancement Including R&D
    Emerging Technologies and Concepts
    R&D Organizations
    Organizations Engaged in Research of Airborne Turbines
    High Rating Wind Electric Generators

    15. Failures in Wind Turbines and Remedial Measures
    Breakdowns or Forced Shutdowns
    Failures and Their Cost
    Failures, Causes, and Damages
    Remedial Measures
    Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition and Condition Monitoring System

    16. Important Facts and Figures
    Appendix 1: List of Wind Turbine Models Issued by NIWE
    Appendix 2: Wind Turbine Models Included in the RLMM After Declaration of New Procedure on 27 10 2016
    Appendix 3: Standards of Wind Turbines
    Appendix 4: Important Websites of Wind Power Organizations
    Appendix 5: Transporters of Long and Heavy Equipment by Road in India
    Appendix 6: Crane Hiring Agencies in India



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