Vernacular Traditions: contemporary architecture

  • Author(s): Aishwarya Tipnis
  • Size: 180 mm x 240 mm
  • Pages: 248
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9788179934579
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Book Details

The book is an attempt to bridge the gap between the past and the future – the vernacular and the contemporary. It questions the relevance of the vernacular in contemporary times and illustrates the inherent sustainability in vernacular built form. Emphasizing on the fact that apart from the preservation of vernacular architecture it is more important to carry forward the valuable lessons of the past into the future, the book presents myriad examples of contemporary architectural works and showcases how vernacular traditions can be reinterpreted to form contemporary buildings. It encourages young designers to look within India for models of sustainable design rather than importing international designs which may or may not be relevant to the Indian context.

Key Features

  • Illustrated Case Studies showing use of vernacular traditions to create contemporary buildings.
  • Expands the concept of sustainability to include physical, socio-economic and cultural contexts.
  • Highlights the inherent sustainability in the vernacular built form.

Target Audience

    Architects to create more sympathetic and distinctive architecture

Table of Contents

    • Understanding “sustainable built environment”
    • Understanding green spaces? • Vernacular architecture: share cultural heritage
    • Traditional architecture is sustainable architecture
    • Learning from the past: vernacular traditions in contemporary architecture
    • Essays by practicing architects: Revathi and Vasanth Kamath, Anupama Kundoo, Laurie Baker Institute, Stephane Paumier, Chitra Vishwanath, Vinod Gupta
    • How can we make our houses sustainable…simple principles…dos and don’ts


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