Mahatma Gandhi and the Environment (Analysing Gandhian environmental thought)

  • Author(s): T N Khoshoo
  • Size: 140 mm x 215 mm
  • Pages: 155
  • Binding: Hardback
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9788179932230
  • Cover Price:

    Rs.250.00 / US $20.00

  • Special Price: Rs. 225.00 / US $18.00

Book Details

The book Mahatma Gandhi and the Environment presents a selection of Mahatma Gandhi's views on the environment and elaborates on their relevance today. It is particularly relevant in this day and age, when the threat of climate change is looming large and natural resources are fast depleting. It will be of interest to all those who are concerned about protecting the earth’s environment and its natural resources. The book presents Mahatma Gandhi’s views on sustainable use of resources and minimal damage to the environment for the sake of future generations. The need for a significant synergy between rural development and industrial development has also been highlighted.

Key Features

    • Brings out little known thoughts and beliefs of Mahatma Gandhi on
    environmental protection and ecological balance
    • Contents structured under different themes for better understanding
    • Contains a large number of quotations by Mahatma Gandhi
    • Insightful, absorbing, and full of valuable knowledge
    • Equally useful for scholars and general readers

Target Audience

    The book is an essential read for anyone interested in knowing the key principles governing holistic living and practices. It is useful resource for students of environment studies, ecology, social scientists and those interested in Gandhian thought and philosophy.

Table of Contents

    • Nature and humankind
    • Yogic practice and the environment
    • The role of woman, man, and society
    • Unity in diversity
    • Western industrialism
    • The weakest link: village and villager/ Sustainable development
    • Hind Swaraj: the Gandhian manifesto of ecological living
    • Gandhi and science
    • Situating satyagraha in mainstream conflict resolution theory
    • Gandhi and the contemporary discourse on decentralization
    • Gandhi and the Dalit question
    • Towards a new order: the new thinking
    • Selected quotes of Gandhi on environment and development
    • Sanskrit and Hindi terms used in the text with their near-English equivalents


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