Smart Energy Practices for a Sustainable World: How We All Can Contribute?

  • Author(s): Nina S. Godbole and John P. Lamb
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Mankind has scaled unprecedented growth since the advent of the Industrial Revolution. However, this progress has come at the hefty cost of environmental degradation. Climate change, undeniably, is one of the biggest challenges of the planet Earth and is largely anthropogenic. In the modern-world context, the phenomenon of climate change is one of the most defining issues, when it comes to realizing objectives of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Climate change is not limited to geographical boundaries, it is a global problem, hence requires global solutions. It has been widely discussed and therefore has acquired centre stage across the major world forums.

Smart Energy Practices for a Sustainable World: how we all can contribute? stresses the need for us to judiciously, sustainably, and smartly harness and use energy techniques in order to effectively combat climate change. The book also gives an in-depth discussion on utilization of artificial intelligence and information technology to realize energy efficiency in various sectors of economy including but not limited to transportation, buildings, infrastructure, health care, and other services.

Text is supplemented by case studies that depict ground-level reality to facilitate comprehension of the subject matter. The appendices serve as an extended learning of the concepts discussed in the chapters. The publication would serve as a valuable reference for both scholars and researchers engaged in the domain, in addition to, being a guide to industry as well as the academic world.


Table of Contents


    First Things First: Story of the Planet Earth

    1. Smart, Sustainable, and Green: the mantra to save our planet
    Global Warming: the phenomenon
    Climate Change
    Global Warming Drives Climate Change
    Environment Change and Human Well-being
    Energy Consumption, Carbon Emissions, Green Thinking, and Sustainable Practices

    2. Smart Energy Systems and Components
    How Artificial Intelligence Can Help Combat Climate Change?
    Smart Appliances and Green Data Centres
    Smart Occupancy Controls
    Intelligent Building Controls
    Smart Energy Efficiency With Simulation and Use of Digital Twins
    Smart Meters/Gateways
    Remote Management Systems

    3. Energy Production and Delivery
    Energy Generation Prediction Services for Power In-fee Renewables
    Renewables’ Generation Management
    Electricity Transmission
    Power Line Montioring for Increased Transmission Capacity
    Electricity Distribution—smart electricity networks with increased consumer flexibility
    Wide Area Measurement Systems

    4. Impact of Electronic Equipment on Energy Use and Carbon Footprint
    Server Virtualization
    Further Details on Storage and Server Virtualization
    Client Virtualization
    A Further Look at Reasons for Creating Virtual Servers
    The Ultimate in Server and Data Storage Virtualization
    Cloud Computing—the present and the future
    Cluster Architecture for Virtual Servers
    Green Data Centres of the Future

    5. Standard Energy Use and Carbon Footprint Metrics
    Carbon Footprint
    Carbon Footprint Implications for Our Environment
    Measuring Carbon Footprint
    Metrics for Carbon Footprint

    6. Smart Buildings: planning and construction
    Green Buildings
    Green Building Certification Programmes
    Other Certifications of Green Buildings

    7. Transport: smarter commuting and energy-efficient mobility
    The Vision of Smart Cities
    Smarter Transport Infrastructure
    Global Positioning-based Management of Fleet and Routes
    Telecommuting, Teleworking and Virtual Meetings

    8. Electronic Commerce and Other Digital Services for Smart Planet
    Dematerialization of Goods and Services: a boon to e-commerce
    Electronic Invoicing and Electronic Payments
    Electronic Commerce and Carbon Footprint
    Electronic-government and Electronic-governance
    Electronic-health/Mobile-health and Tele-medicine
    Making Health Care Green: the need of our planet

    9. Sustainable Practices for Green Health Care Services
    Health Care Sector and Carbon Footprint
    Energy Consumption in Hospitals
    Quantifying the Benefits of Greening of Health Care Facilities
    Green Buildings for Hospitals
    Greening of Hospitals: other than building construction

    10. Knowledge and Behaviour for a Smart Planet
    Smarter Planet and Digital Earth from Kap Perspective
    E-learning Technologies in the Context of Sustainable Development Goals
    E-learning Technologies for Spreading the Awareness about Global Warming
    Consumer Energy Labelling
    Smart Metering
    Benchmarking and Evaluation Tools
    Simulation and Analysis Tools for Sustainability Testing

    11. Energy Audits
    Energy Audits and their Importance
    Home Energy Audit
    Process of Energy Audits
    Energy Audits and their Types
    Steps Involved in Writing an Energy Audit Report
    ISO 50001 and Energy Management Systems
    Working with Energy-certifying Agencies

    12. Worldwide Case Studies for Green Practices
    The Indian Green Building Council
    A Green Hospital in India—HCwBQ Case Study
    India Case Study: Monalisa Healthcare Services builds a futuristic data centre
    Hospital Solid Waste Management Best Practices: a case study in Argentina
    Case Studies Around the World

    13. The Future for Energy Use in Our Planet
    Appendix A: IT Sustainability Enablers
    Appendix B: Comparison of Power Generation Methods
    Appendix C: Worldwide Average Prices for Electricity Impacting Data Centre and IT Costs
    Appendix D: Building (Energy) Certifying Agencies
    Appendix E: Carbon Saving from the Use of Electronic Health Records
    Appendix F: The Challenge of Power Theft: can energy audits reveal it?

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