Biofuels: towards a greener and secure energy future

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Coupled with increasing oil prices, increasing awareness of the global impacts of greenhouse gases has led to concerns over the continued consumption of fossil fuels worldwide.

Consequently, many developed and developing countries have considered the possibility of large-scale production and sue of biofuels, such as bio-ethanol and bio-diesel, as alternatives to hydrocarbon fuels.

Biofuels: towards a greener and secure energy future provides an assessment of current practices and knowledge on the production, conversion, and use of biofuels, and is the result of experiences provided by a diverse group of distinguished persons who have been dealing with this subject for some time now. The book is intended to be a ready reckoner for individuals, farmers, policy-makers, researchers, automobile manufacturers, as well as agencies and institutions interested in taking forward the energy security agenda in general and the promotion of biofuels in particular.

Table of Contents

    Vinod Khosla, Partner,Khosla Ventures
    R K Pachauri

    SECTION 1: Policy issues in biofuels
    Biofuels in the Indian perspective
    Leena Srivastava

    The Indian biofuels programme: the National Mission on Bio-diesel
    R Mandal and Parveen Mithra

    Biofuels: helping India reduce oil dependence
    K S Sethi

    SECTION 2: Bio-ethanol production
    Bio-ethanol: lessons from the Brazilian experience
    Oswalldo Lucon

    International experiences in biofuels
    Prabha Dhavala

    Alternative feedstock for bio-ethanol production in India
    Linoj Kumar NV and Sameer Maithel

    SECTION 3: Bio-diesel from jatropha
    Bio-diesel from jatropha: the road map
    H M Behl

    Raising large-scale jatropha plantation in India:present status and future prospects
    Padam Prakash Bhojvaid

    Jatropha for wasteland development: TERI's
    mycorrhiza technology
    Alok Adholeya and Reena Singh

    Recent trends in bio-diesel production
    A K Gupta

    Quality considerations in Jatropha curcas
    Nutan Kaushik

    Research issues in development of bio-diesel engines
    L M Das and venu Madhav

    Long-run marginal-cost-based economic evaluation of bio-diesel production from jatropha
    Anandajit Goswami

    Environmental impacts of bio-diesel
    Shubha Pandey and T S Panwar

    Clean development mechanism potential of bio-diesel projects
    Vivek Kumar and Prabha Dhaval

    SECTION 4: Biofuel experiences in the states of India
    Experiences of the Chhatisgarh Biofuel Development Authority
    S K Shukla

    Jatropha for sustainable employment, energy security and for checking soil erosion
    A K Lohia

    Biofuels: the Andhra Pradesh experience
    M Prasad

    Directory of websites on biofuels



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