Agroforestry with Commercial Clonal Plantations in India

  • Author(s): Piare Lal and Suchita Bhandari
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  • Pages: 272
  • Language: English
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Rapid deforestation and depletion of genetic resources have made it essential that avenues be found whereby short-duration trees can be propagated and massed produced. Clonal agroforestry plantations provide this alternative to the use of natural forests. Agroforestry with Commercial Clonal Plantations in India provides complete scientific information on clonal technology applications for selection and cloning of candidate plus trees, development, field testing, final selection and deployment of genetically superior, high yielding and fast-growing clones of important tree species grown under agroforestry system.

Clonal agroforestry plantations need to be supported with strong R & D and sound, efficient and timely extension services for the farmers. The book discusses in detail the establishment of modern largescale clonal plant production nurseries and improved silvicultural management of clonal agroforestry plantations of Eucalypts, Poplars, Casuarinas, and other species. Specific recommendations for further advancements in all areas related to tree improvement, development of new superior clones, holistic development of agroforestry and required policy reforms have been also provided.

Key features:  

• This book gives the current status of the forest resources in India , highlights major problem areas and makes specific suggestions for scientific development of forests and improvement of productivity and environmental services of forests.
• All important aspects related to soil and management of soil fertility, plant nutrients and soil moisture management for ensuring high productivity of plantations have been discussed.
• Basic concepts of forest genetics and tree improvement have been described.
• Complete scientific information and technical details for selection and cloning of candidate plus trees ,
• Clonal plant production in modern nurseries
• Field testing of clones
• Final selection and deployment of genetically superior clones for Eucalypts, Poplars, Casuarinas and other species.

Table of Contents

    1. Status of Forest Resources in India
    • Introduction
    • Global Forest Area
    • Forest and Tree Resources
    • Wood Production and Consumption
    • Problems of Indian Forestry
    • Key Issues in Forest Sector
    • Carbon Stock
    • Policy Issues and Strategies
    • Specific Suggestions
    1. Soils and Management of Soil Fertility
    • Introduction
    • Soil
    • Plant Nutrients
    • Management of Soil Fertility
    • Organic Manures and Fertilizers
    • Choice of Species and Clones
    1. Basic Concepts of Forest Genetics and Tree Improvement
    • Introduction
    • Basis of Genetic Inheritance
    • Transmission of Genetic Traits
    • Tree Improvement
    1. Clonal Agroforestry Plantations in India: Historical Perspective
    • Introduction
    • Clonal Forestry
    • Historical Perspective—Poplars
    • Historical Perspective—Eucalyptus
    • Historical Perspective—Casuarina
    • Future Strategies
    1. Understanding Extension
    • Introduction
    • The Concept of Extension
    • Principles of Extension
    • Dialogue and Practice are Important for Learning
    • Social Factors in Extension
    • Extension and Communication
    • Mass Media in Extension
    • Printed Media
    • Extension Methods
    • Planning and Evaluation of Extension Programmes
    • Evaluating Extension Programmes
    • The Extension Agent
    1. Clonal Poplar Plantations
    • Introduction
    • Development and Deployment of Poplar Clones
    • Expansion of Plantations
    • Commercial Clones of Poplars
    • Improved Package of Practices for Poplar Plantations
    • Utilization of Poplars
    1. Cloning of Eucalyptus 121
    • Development and Deployment of Eucalyptus Clones in India
    • Cloning of Eucalyptus
    1. Clonal Plant Production Nurseries: Eucalyptus
    • Introduction
    • Nursery Infrastructure
    • Clonal Plant Production Processes
    1. Improved Silvicultural Management Practices for Clonal Eucalyptus Plantations
    • Introduction
    • Recommendations Regarding Improved Silvicultural Management Practices
    1. Clonal Casuarina Plantations
    • Introduction
    • Vegetative Propagation of Casuarina
    • Improved Package of Practices
    • Clonal Multiplication Area: Planting and Maintenance
    • Polybag Clonal Multiplication Area
    • Application of Fertilizers
    • Diseases and Pests
    • Harvesting
    • Growth, Yield, and Economics
    • Wood Properties and Utilization
    1. Improving Productivity of Plantations
    • Introduction
    • Factors Affecting Productivity of Plantations
    • Development and Deployment of Superior Clones
    • Health and Vigour of Planting Stock
    1. Research and Development Priorities for Clonal Forestry
    • Introduction
    • Research and Development Priorities
    • Development of New Superior Clones
    • Clone Production in Nurseries
    • Silviculture and Plantation Management Practices
    • Agroforestry–Intercropping Models
    • Harvesting, Processing, and Utilization of Farm-Grown Timber
    • Policy Research
    • Collaborative Research
    • Application of Research—Lab to Land Programme
    1. Clonal Agroforestry’s Sustainable Model with Small and Marginal Tribal Farmers in Odisha: A Case Study
    • Introduction
    • Background
    • Stakeholders of the Project
    • Road map for Implementing the Agroforestry Model
    • Establishment of Clonal Plant Production Nursery at Jeypore, Koraput
    • Robust Extension Services to Generate Awareness and Educate Farmers
    • Facilitation of Bank Loans to Farmers
    • Partnerships with other Public and Private Organizations
    • Establishment of Pulpwood Plantations
    • Area Planted
    • Impact of the Programme
    • Scalability of the Programme
    • Barriers for Scaling Up
    • Risk Management
    1. Holistic Development of Agroforestry in India
    • Introduction
    • Present Status of Agroforestry Plantations
    • Major Constraints Hampering Growth of agroforestry
    • Genetic Quality of Planting Stock
    • Marketing of Farm-Grown Timber
    • Integrated Development of Agroforestry and Wood-Based Industries


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