Handbook on Forest Certification

  • Author(s): Manmohan Yadav
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  • Pages: 328
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  • Language: English
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Handbook on Forest Certification, a thorough research work, discusses in detail the concepts and approaches required to meet the desired international standards of forest certification. It covers those aspects of forest certification that are practised globally and need to be applied in the emerging context of forests in India. The book focuses on changing global perspective on forest resources, importance and need for sustainable management of forests, increasing consumer awareness, and dealing with preferences for certified forest products.

   Drawing on a wealth of information provided by valuable studies across the globe, this book discusses sustainable forest management and forest certification and their impact on conservation and development of biodiversity. It is a comprehensive and detailed guide for forest managers, forest owners, practitioners, forest-based industries, academicians, students and researchers, consultants, and policy makers for the forestry sector in India and South Asia.

Key Features

    • Discusses status of forest resources as well as sustainability and forestry
    • Explains essentials of forest certification and process and forest certification schemes
    • Dwells on the extent of forest certification and certified timber market and certification of non-timber forest products
    • Presents framework for forest certification in India
    • Assesses challenges and potentials of forest certification

Target Audience

    Forest managers, forest owners, practitioners, forest-based industries, academicians, students and researchers, consultants, and policy makers for the forestry sector in India and South Asia

Table of Contents



    Status of Forest Resources: World and India

    • Introduction to Forest Resources
    • Role of Forest Resources
    • Status of Global Forest Resources
    • Forests by Use
    • Growing Stocks and Change in Forests
    • Status of Forest Resources in India
    • Deforestation and Forest Degradation
    • Drivers of Forest Cover Change
    • Conservation of Forests
    • Conclusion

    Sustainability and Forestry

    • Sustainability and Forest Management
    • Genesis of Sustainable Forest Management
    • Essentials for Achieving Sustainable Forest Management
    • Global Trends Towards Sustainable Forest Management
    • Trends in Forest Resources of India
    • Conclusion

    Management of Forests in India: A Historical Perspective

    • Forests in Ancient India
    • Emergence of Scientific Forest Management
    • Forest Management in Independent India
    • Criteria and Indicators Approach to Sustainable Forestry
    • Capacity Building for Implementing Sustainable Forest Management
    • Finance for Implementing Sustainable Forest Management
    • Learnings from Criteria and Indicators Approach to Sustainable Forest Management in India
    • Compensatory Afforestation Fund Management and Planning Authority
    • Conclusion

    Essentials of Forest Certification: Concept, Evolution, Elements, and Process

    • Meaning of Eco-labels
    • Evolution of Forest Certification
    • Relevance, Objectives, and Benefits of Forest certification
    • Forest Certification Process
    • Conclusion

    Forest Certification Schemes

    • Introduction to Forest Certification Schemes
    • Types of Forest Certification Schemes
    • Choosing a Certification Scheme
    • Phased Approach to Forest Certification
    • Convergence of Different Certification Schemes
    • Forest Certification Initiatives in India
    • Conclusion

    Extent of Forest Certification and Certified Timber Market

    • Extent of Forest Certification
    • The Growth in Chain-of-custody Certifications
    • Forest Certification in India
    • Certified Timber Market Research
    • Conclusion

    Certification of Non-timber Forest Products

    • An Overview of Non-timber Forest Products
    • International Trade in Non-timber Forest Products and Emergence of Certification Initiatives Issc -Map Initiative by Wwf, Traffic , Iucn , Bfn, and Fairwild Foundation
    • Challenges in Non-timber Forest Product Certification
    • Opportunities for Non-timber Forest Product Certification
    • Conclusion

    Framework for Forest Certification in India

    • Need for Forest Certification in India
    • Current Status of Forest Certification in India
    • Developing a National Forest Certification Scheme in India
    • Framework for Forest Certification in India–Indian Forest Certification Council
    • Forest Stewardship Council Standards Development Group India
    • New Working Plan Code 2014
    • Conclusion

    Stakeholder Expectations and Economics of Forest Certification

    • Key Stakeholders and their Expectations in Certification Process
    • Economics of Forest Certification
    • Cost of Certification for Indian Companies
    • Conclusion

    Sustainability and Forest Certification

    • Revisiting the Goals of Forest Certification
    • Revisiting the Key Aspects of Sustainability: Three Pillars of Sustainability
    • Forest Certification for Climate Change Mitigation
    • Conclusion

    Challenges and Potential of Forest certification

    • Challenges to Forest Certification
    • Certification Challenges in India
    • The Way Forward for Forest Certification
    • Convergence of Forest Certification with REDD +, PES , and Carbon Labelling
    • Conclusion



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