Ensuring Sustainability in Forestry: certification of Forests by H S Gupta, M Yadav, D K Sharma and and A M Singh buy online

Ensuring Sustainability in Forestry: certification of Forests

  • Author(s): H S Gupta, M Yadav, D K Sharma and and A M Singh
  • Size: 160 mm × 240 mm
  • Pages: 284
  • Binding: Hardback
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9788179934951
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Book Details

Ensuring Sustainability in Forestry: certification of forests details the concepts and approaches required to meet the desired international standards of forest certification. It brings together important issues related to forest certification, which need to be applied and utilized in the context of forests in India in the present scenario. It also focuses on economic factors, greening of certification processes, and the interface between technical and business knowledge. Drawing on a wealth of information provided by valuable studies across the globe, this volume discusses forest certification and its impact on conservation and development of biodiversity. It is a comprehensive and detailed guide for forest managers, owners, and consultants; government foresters; and forest product traders.

Key Features

    • Introduction to the concept of certification and its origin and spread in India
    • Comparison of various schemes of certification
    • Focus on emerging issues and challenges of certification and its future
    • Coverage of marketing and economics aspects of forest certification
    • Examination of the relationship between certification and climate change and environmental conservation
    • Development of a certification strategy for India

Target Audience

    Undergraduates and postgraduates, researchers and professionals of Forest Management, Climate Change, Forestry, Biodiversity, Environmental groups

Table of Contents

    • Sustainability and Forestry
    • Concept and Evolution of Forest Certification
    • Schemes for Certification
    • Potential and Status of Certified Forest Products
    • Process of Certification of Forests
    • Expectations of Different Stakeholders
    • Economics of Forest Certification
    • Addressing Sustainability
    • Certification of Forests and issues of Environmental Conservation
    • Different Certification Systems: Convergence Issues
    • SFM, Forest Certification, and Climate Change Regulations
    • Developing Certification of Forests in India: Rationale and Options
    • Challenges of Certification
    • Future of Forest Certification


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