Renewable Energy from Small & Micro Hydro Projects: Practical Aspects and Case Studies

  • Author(s): Shambhu Ratan Awasthi and Shiv Vishal Pandey
  • Size: 180 mm x 240 mm
  • Pages: 350
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9789386530929
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Energy production and utilization are directly associated with climate change. Harnessing energy from renewables can provide a viable path towards achieving sustainability and reducing carbon footprints, which can help mitigate the harmful effects of climate change. India is endowed with substantial hydropower potential. Under this light, Renewable Energy from Small & Micro Hydro Projects: practical aspects & case studies introduces the process of developing hydropower projects, especially in Indian context. The role of hydroelectric power, as part of water management, in combating climate change also forms the subject matter of this book.

Selection of suitable sites, hydro turbines, electrical systems, transportation, and salient features of dam and reservoir operation are discussed. Cost estimation, feasibility studies, promotional policies of the government, and other organizations involved in hydropower also form the subject matter of the title. The publication also covers the basics of fluid mechanics along with an overview of the hydropower development in India and the world. The book is supplemented with statistical data relevant to development and operation of hydropower projects which makes the text an authentic read. It will be a useful guide and reference to students, designers, planners, consultants, and field engineers engaged in hydro energy sector.

Table of Contents


    1. An Overview of Renewable and Hydropower Development
      1.1 Climate Uncertainty and Renewable Energy
      1.2 History of Hydropower Development
      1.3 Classification of Hydroelectric Power Projects
      1.4 Global Scenario of Hydropower
      1.5 Indian Hydropower Scenario
    1. Hydrology
      2.1 Water Resources
      2.2 Hydrology and Hydrological Cycle
      2.3 Precipitation and Rainfall
      2.4 Estimation of Runoff
      2.5 Hydrograph, Flow Duration Curve, and Mass Curve 2.6 Design Flood
    1. Hydraulics
      3.1 Classification of Liquids
      3.2 Properties of Water
      3.3 Pascal’s Law and its Applications
      3.4 Types of Liquid Flow
      3.5 Water Flow Equations
      3.6 Head Losses in the Water Conductor System
    1. Feasibility Studies
      4.1 Technical Feasibility of Project Alternatives
      4.2 Economic Feasibility of a Project
      4.3 Energy Estimation 
    1. Civil Works Associated with Hydropower Projects
      5.1 Reservoirs and their Operation
      5.2 Dams
      5.3 Diversion Structures for Dam
      5.4 Hydropower Projects and Civil Works
      5.5 Water Conductor System 
    1. Hydro Turbines
      6.1 Specific Speed
      6.2 Orientation of Turbines
      6.3 Turbines: Classification, Construction, and Operation
      6.4 Selection of Hydro Turbines
      6.5 Hydraulic Efficiency and Model Testing
      6.6 Efficiency Measurement
      6.7 Cavitation in Hydro Turbines 
    1. Hydrogenerators and Excitation Systems
      7.1 Hydrogenerators
      7.2 Vertical Axis Generators: Bearing Arrangements
      7.3 Generator Parts and Assemblies
      7.4 Horizontal Axis Generators
      7.5 Instruments and Devices
      7.6 Excitation Systems  
    1. Auxiliaries, Governing and Electrical Systems
      8.1 Power System and Role of Hydropower Plants
      8.2 Unit and Station Auxiliaries
      8.3 Governing System
      8.4 Electric Power Supply, Earthing, and Cables
      8.5 Controls
      8.6 Protection
      8.7 Testing and Commissioning
      8.8 Power Evacuation System 
    1. Project Execution and Financial Aspects
      9.1 Milestones of Project Execution
      9.2 Approvals and Time Frame of Project Execution
      9.3 Hydro Energy Tariff
      9.4 Project Financing  
    1. Environmental Aspects of Hydropower Development
      10.1 Adverse Effects of Reservoirs
      10.2 Impact of Associated Civil Works
      10.3 Social Implications
      10.4 Beneficial Aspects 
    1. Policies for Sustainable Development of Hydropower
      11.1 Sustainable Power Development
      11.2 Government Policies and Regulatory Framework
      11.3 Technical Support: Alternate Hydro Energy Centre
      11.4 Risks and their Mitigation
      11.5 Need of National Mission on Small Hydropower


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