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How Wacko is that: Nature's Bizarre

  • Author(s): Ranjit Lal
  • Size: 180 mm x 240 mm
  • Pages: 48
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9789386530158
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Book Details

If you are not a military-trained commando or wilderness expert but just an ordinary child, then what’s the best way to survive in the wild? Does it help to know how to start a fire by rubbing sticks together, or should you carry a matchbox when you go out into the wild?

A poacher, if caught and convicted for killing a protected animal, can be thrown behind the bars for several years. Yet it’s okay for a government to drown an entire ancient rainforest the size of a small country and every living creature in it for a ‘development’ project. Now how wacko is that?!!

In this book, best buddies Shaila and Sachin face many such situations, which makes them realize just how wacko and absurd some of our attitudes to and dealings with animals, nature, and wildlife can be. Follow their journey to know what needs to change before we relearn to coexist with nature.

About the Author

Ranjit Lal is the author of over 30 books—fiction and non-fiction—for children and adults who are children. His abiding interest in natural history, birds, animals and insects is reflected in many of his books: The Crow Chronicles, The Life and Times of Altu Faltu, The Small Tigers of Shergarh; Bambi, Chops and Wag; Birds from My Windo; The Birds of Delhi; Wild City etc. His earlier published titles with TERI are How Weird is That? and How Wondrous is That? His book, Faces in the Water won the Crossword Award for Children’s Writing in 2010 and the Ladli National Media Award for Gender Sensitivity 2012. His book, My Nana is a Nutcase won the Crossword Award for Children’s Writing in 2016. As a journalist he has had well over 1500 articles and photofeatures published in the national and international press and currently has a column—Down in Jungleland—in the Indian Express ‘Eye’. His other interests include photography, automobiles, reading and cooking. He lives in Delhi.

Table of Contents

    • Dog Show Disaster
    • What Dog?
    • The Four Rascals
    • Sanctuary Story
    • A Survival Situation I
    • A Survival Situation II
    • Zooscapade
    • Ayushi’s Secret
    • A Hissy Fit
    • The Big Pet

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