The Last Frontier: people and forests in Mizoram by Daman Singh buy online

The Last Frontier: people and forests in Mizoram

  • Author(s): Daman Singh
  • Size: 140 mm × 210 mm
  • Pages: 266
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Weight: 350 gms
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9788185419176
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This publication reconstructs the changes in the patterns of resource-use in traditional Mizo society through the period of colonial rule and into the post-Independence period. It discusses the process of evolution in society, culture and religion, demographic trends, politics and administration, economic relations, and land-use policies; identifies the roots of environmental change in Mizoram; and focuses on the nature of resources and their management. Many official reports and documents were consulted in preparing the book, and the information is supplemented with detailed, first-hand observations. Published literature on the region is scanty and this volume will be especially useful for all those who are concerned with developing it sustainably.

Table of Contents

    sqb.gif (828 bytes)Foreword by T N Khoshoo, Distinguished Fellow, TERI
    sqb.gif (828 bytes)The regime of village republics
    sqb.gif (828 bytes)British occupation of the Lushai Hills
    sqb.gif (828 bytes)Forests and fields: colonial land use policy
    sqb.gif (828 bytes)The creation of Mizoram
    sqb.gif (828 bytes)The roots of environmental change
    sqb.gif (828 bytes)Physiography, land cover, and land use
    sqb.gif (828 bytes)Forests, their form and features
    sqb.gif (828 bytes)Keepers of the forest
    sqb.gif (828 bytes)How shifting cultivation works
    sqb.gif (828 bytes)The tenacity of shifting cultivation
    sqb.gif (828 bytes)The environmental impact of shi=ing cultivation
    sqb.gif (828 bytes)The new land use policy
    sqb.gif (828 bytes)Conclusion: people and forests in Mizoram
    sqb.gif (828 bytes)Appendices 1 to 30


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  • The book traces the environmental history of Mizoram, beginning in the 19th century, through colonial rule and into the post-Independence period.

    Forests, Trees and People Newsletter No.34
  • 'For so useful and well produced a work, on a neglected area and theme, both the author and publisher deserve praise'

    Economic and Political Weekly 9 August 1997