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Nagaland is changing New

Nagaland is changing

  • Duration: 28 Minutes
  • Language: English
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The villagers of Sendenyu and Sukhai in Nagaland have been conserving the forest on their private land for the past many years. Entry is restricted in the forest that is spread over tens of sq. kms. Hunting, fishing, logging and collection of forest produce is completely banned. Anyone who is caught breaking the law is fined. As a result, the reserve has now turned into thick forest and is teeming with wildlife.

But there are challenges. Some of the villagers want their land back, a few want the area to be opened for hunting again. In absence of funding and support, the communities are finding it difficult to conserve their forest. This is not just the story of Sendenyu and Sukhai, but of hundreds of other villages in Nagaland as well.

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