TERI Energy Data Directory & Yearbook (TEDDY) 2012/13: with complimentary CD by TERI Publication buy online

TERI Energy Data Directory & Yearbook (TEDDY) 2012/13: with complimentary CD

  • Author(s): TERI Publication
  • Pages: 460
  • Binding: Hardback
  • Size: 220 x 280mm
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9788179935200
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Book Details

TEDDY (TERI Energy Data Directory and Yearbook), is an annual publication brought out by TERI which provides updated information on the energy supply sectors (coal and lignite, oil and gas, power, and renewable energy sources) as well as the energy-consuming sectors (agriculture, industry, transport, residential, and commercial sectors). Given the relevance of linkages between the energy and environment, topics on local and global environment have also been dealt with in detail. Each chapter is followed by a listing of relevant developments that have taken place during the year along with detailed tables in the appendices.

Unique features of TEDDY

  • The yearbook provides the cutting-edge analysis and latest available information on the topic of energy and environment.
  • The publication provides a detailed overview of sectors and sub-sectors related to energy demand and supply.
  • A uniqueness of the publication is that the topic of local and global environment is also featured.
  • Starting form this year, the state of the environment has also been discussed with respect to forestry and biodiversity. This includes listing of data in the form of separate tables as appendices.
  • Sankey Diagram that depicts the commercial energy flows in India has been introduced since the last year edition (TEDDY 2011/12). This is an innovation on the part of the researchers as it has been designed exclusively by TERI.
  • Each edition of TEDDY presents tables on commercial energy balances with conversion factors.
  • There is an In-Focus section in each chapter which deals with a particular subject of current interest. Every year, a different subject is taken up for discussion. The following table lists the In-focus topic for various chapters for TEDDY 2012/13.


‘In focus’ topic

Indian energy sector: an overview

Cash transfers as a delivery mechanism for energy subsidies

Organization of the energy sector in India

Performance highlights of the Coal India Limited in 2011-12

Coal and lignite

Allocation of coal blocks

Oil and gas

Shale gas exploration in India


Solar Energy in Indian Power Sector

Renewable energy sources and technologies

Thermal energy storage


Organic Production Systems: An Approach to Greening the Agricultural Sector


PAT Scheme


Highlights from the working group reports of the 12th Five Year Plan (2012-17)


Energy for all 2012



Climate change and energy

Future of Energy

  • There is a separate item known as chronology that features in the supply, demand and environment sections that lists the latest developments in the policy arena that impacts that particular sector.
  • Another unique feature is that TEDDY also provides spatial representation of data through maps in various chapters such as coal, oil & gas, power, renewables, industry, domestic and environment.
  • Key Features

      • Exhaustive compilation of data from energy supply and demand sectors.
      • Recent data along with data for the past years presented in the form of structured and easy-to-understand tables.
      • Recent advances made in the energy sectors are represented in the book.
      • Self-explanatory figures showing the latest trends in various sectors are also part of each chapter. • The “in focus” section in every chapter highlights a topical issue.
      • The book comes with a complimentary CD that contains all the chapters and additional tables.

    Target Audience

      Energy companies, industries, research institutes

    Table of Contents

      Indian Energy sector: an overview
      Organization of the energy sector
      Commercial energy balance tables and conversion factors

      Energy Supply

      • Coal and lignite
      • Oil and gas
      • Power
      • Renewable energy sources and technologies
      Energy Demand
      • Agriculture
      • Industry
      • Transport
      • Domestic

      Local and global environment

      • Environment
      • Climate change and energy


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