Process Biotechnology: theory and practice

  • Author(s): S N Mukhopadhyay
  • Pages: 620
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Size: 180 x 240mm
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9788179933077
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Book Details

Rapid progress has been made in the discipline of biochemical engineering and biotechnology for bioprocess development during the last 50 years. Process Biotechnology: theory and practice has been written with the consideration that tutorial practice is as important as understanding the subject theoretically. This book is an introductory tutorial book involving multidisciplinary principles. Principal innovations that have been made in biosystem-related developments have been emphasized through tutorials in this book. The first few chapters cover theoretical aspects of biochemical and chemical engineering concerns in biotechnological advances in a concise manner. The rest have been dedicated to the tutorial aspects of this multidisciplinary subject.

This book covers biological, ecological, chemical, and biochemical engineering topics related to the subject. It provides much needed theory-based solved numerical problems for practice in quantitative evaluation of various parameters relevant to process biotechnology. It will be useful for students who would like to further their careers as biotechnologists and can be used as a self-study text for practicing engineers, biotechnologists, microbiologists, and scientists involved in bioprocessing research and other related fields.

Key Features

    • Introduction to the NADE and RADE theory of evolution of life forms.
    • Coverage of theoretical aspects of biological, ecological, biochemical, and chemical engineering systems in process biotechnology.
    • Inclusion of research-generated data based on several theory-based solved numerical problems.
    • Provision of experimental data-based formulated numerical problems for tutorial practice.
    • Inclusion of exceptional colour plates to explain complex concepts and material.

Target Audience

    Practicing biochemical and chemical engineers, biotechnologists, applied and industrial microbiologists, cell biologists, scientists involved in bioprocessing research.

Table of Contents

    Prebiotic Science of Chemicals for Life
    A Brief Review of Biotic Chemistry
    Cell Biology and Microbiology
    Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Principles
    Upstream Process Biotechnology: numericals with solutions
    Enzyme Engineering and Technology: numericals with solutions
    Process Biotechnology Product Recovery and Purification: numericals with solutions
    Unsolved Numericals for Practice


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