Demand-side management from a sustainable development perspective: experiences from Quebec (Canada) and India

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This book brings out the concepts underpinning the design and implementation of energy efficiency and DSM (demand-side management) projects, and presents case studies from Canada's Quebec province, as well as from India, a developing country. It also elaborates the subtleties of DSM for worldwide application.

The contributions of authors have been adequately substantiated by narrating the experience of Hydro-Quebec, the Government of Quebec, the Econoler International, and also from several other organizations from Quebec involved in developing such programmes or related technologies. The initiatives taken in India with regard to DSM have also been included in this publication.

All in all, this book will be an excellent guide for professionals working on this subject in various parts of the globe. This book will particularly help those working in electricity companies, energy departments, and governmental agencies who want to implement DSM programmes. It will also help the engineering firms and energy service companies who want to offer services in planning, design, implementation, and evaluation of DSM programmes.

Table of Contents




    Part I

    Chapter 1: Summary of the world energy situation
    Chapter 2: Demand-side management
    Chapter 3: Programme planning
    Chapter 4: Programme design
    Chapter 5: Programme implementation
    Chapter 6: Programme evaluation

    Part II

    Chapter 7: DSM expertise and experiences from Quebec

    Part III

    Chapter 8: Promoting energy conservation: India’s efforts
    Chapter 9: DSM applications: scope and potential in India
    Chapter 10: DSM in India: case studies

    Part IV

    Chapter 11: Conclusions and developmental perspective of DSM

    Annexe 1
    Annexe 2
    Annexe 3


    About Econoler International

    About Agence de l’efficacit


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