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Concerned Citizen Series (Set of 8 books)

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Leveraging the diverse expertise of its members in the subject domains and in publishing, the TERI Alumni Association has published a series of books on topics related to energy, resources, and the environment. The idea is to share information and, even more important, critical insights and understanding, with citizens who are keen to know more about some of the critical issues facing society and the world today but are lost in the deluge of information.

Our target audience is educated adults who are concerned about topical issues but lack the understanding to make sense of what they read or watch in the mass media—the series aims to equip them with conceptual tools and essential information not only to enrich their understanding but also to encourage them to act and thereby, albeit indirectly, further the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The topics covered in the series and their respective subject-matter-specialist authors are listed below:
- Rooftop solar: Suneel Deambi and Shirish Garud
- Coal: Rakesh Kacker
- Sustainable buildings: Mili Majumdar and Minni Sastry
- Nutraceuticals: Mayurika Goel
- Electricity: Sanjeev S Ahluwalia
- Clean transport: Shri Prakash and Sharif Qamar
- Climate change: Manish Shrivastava
- Energy efficiency: Ajay Mathur and Leher V Thadani

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