Mahatma Gandhi: an apostle of applied human ecology

  • Author(s): T N Khoshoo
  • Size: 150 mm x 220 mm
  • Pages: 71
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Weight: 140 gms
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9788185419107
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Book Details

In 'Mahatma Gandhi: an apostle of applied human ecology', Dr T N Khoshoo, a well-known environmental scientist, presents a selection of Mahatma Gandhi's views on the environment, elaborates on them to show that they are as relevant today as they were before, and reinterprets them by adding his extensive commentary on many of the topics. The book highlights the essential truth, clearly perceived by Mahatma Gandhi, that the human being must be the focus of all attempts to analyse and address environmental issues and emphasizes the need for a creative synthesis between the rural development under a local government and industrial development at the macro level.

Table of Contents

    sqb.gif (46 bytes) Foreword by R K Pachauri, Director-General, TERI
    sqb.gif (46 bytes) Synopsis
    sqb.gif (46 bytes) Prologue
    sqb.gif (46 bytes) Nature and humankind
    sqb.gif (46 bytes) Yogic practice and environment
    sqb.gif (46 bytes) The role of woman, man, and society
    sqb.gif (46 bytes) Unity in diversity
    sqb.gif (46 bytes) Western industrialism The weakest link: village and villager
    sqb.gif (46 bytes) Sustainable development
    sqb.gif (46 bytes) Towards a new order: the new thinking
    sqb.gif (46 bytes) Epilogue
    sqb.gif (46 bytes) Appendix 1 Selected quotes of Gandhiji on environment and development
    sqb.gif (46 bytes) Appendix 2 Some Sanskrit and Hindi terms used in the text with their near-English equivalents


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  • . . . Perhaps if the average Indian realised that what the Mahatma advocated is not sack cloth and ashes but a 'healthy blend of environmental, social, developmental and economic imperatives', his or her perception of the issues involved would change. This book should go a long way in bringing about that realisation???...From a purely academic point of view, the book is of immense intellectual interest.
    -The Hindu, August 22, 1995
  • 'Exceptionally well written, containing stimulating thoughts to contemplate, this book is outstanding'
    -David Pimentel, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
    Cornell University