Green, Reliable and Viable: Perspectives on India's shift towards low-carbon energy

  • Author(s): Ajay Mathur, Adair Turner and Noëmie Leprince-Ringuet (eds)
  • Size: 150 mm × 210 mm
  • Pages: 108
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9789386530882
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Resource-intensive practices of yesterday can no longer sustain the world. The future of our planet hinges on timely transitions to efficiency of resource-use across ecosystems of people, products, and processes. This will happen through transitions to low-carbon global energy systems.

Against this, it is vital to take a closer look at the ongoing transitions in India. India is a country faced with the triple challenges of raising a substantial amount of its population out of poverty, shifting to a low-carbon economy, and fighting climate change. It is unquestionable that India’s energy demand and consumption will only continue to rise in the decades to come; nonetheless, with multiple synchronized steps in the right direction, India can set the wheel in motion to achieve its development goals while containing its carbon footprint.

This book brings together the valued perspectives from key stakeholders in these transitions. Experts and practitioners from the mobility, clean energy, agriculture and energy efficiency sectors, amongst others, have shared their outlook on challenges that lie in the way of energy transitions in India, and offered solutions and next steps to move the country forward on the decarbonisation pathway. The overarching message is clear: the Indian energy sector of the future will be noticeably different from what it is today.

Table of Contents

    Foreword by Ajay Mathur
    Preface by Adair Turner

    Energy Transitions in India: The Global Context by R R Rashmi

    Shifting to Green Energy Systems

    • Managing India’s Renewables Target by Sumant Sinha
    • Roadmap for a Solar Surge by Ajay Shankar
    • Enhancing the Green Footprint of the Electricity Transition in India by Rakesh Nath and A K Saxena
    • Alternative Fuels for a Zero-Carbon Economy by Adair Turner

    Making the Green Shift Reliable

    • Electricity System Flexibility in the Context of the Transition to a High Share of Renewables in India by Thomas Spencer
    • Accelerating Reforms in Power Markets in India: Key Trends, Challenges, Recommendations and Opportunities by Hemant Sahai and Rachika A Sahay
    • Decarbonise, Decentralise, Digitalise – The Future of Energy in India by Sunil Mathur
    • Financing Clean Energy: Enhancing Capital Availability and Creating Supportive Frameworks for Renewables in India’s Energy Mix by Manoj Kohli

    Making the Green Shift Viable

    • Bridging the Last Mile: Accelerating Access to Cooking Energy in India by Amit Kumar
    • Implications of Enhanced Energy Use in the Agricultural Sector in India: Food, Water and Energy Nexus by Shripad Dharmadhikary, Sreekumar Nhalur,and Ashwini Dabadge
    • The Future of Mobility is Electric by Anirban Ghosh
    • Powering the Powerhouse: India’s Energy Efficiency Leap by Saurabh Kumar
    • Tackling the Hard-To-Abate Sectors in India’s Energy Transition by Nitin Prasad

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