50 FAQs on Global Warming, Second Edition (know all about global warming and do your bit to limit it)

  • Author(s): Ipshita Mitra
  • Size: 120 mm x 180 mm
  • Pages: 60
  • Available in: Digital format only
  • ISBN: 9788179936986
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Is the sun responsible for global warming? What is the cryosphere and why is it important? How can volcanoes affect climate change? What is a carbon sink and how does it affect climate change? Why are the trees in the Amazon called sweat glands? What role does NASA play in mitigating climate change? How does global warming affect foraging of bees? Know the answers to these, and 43 more frequently asked questions, on global warming, its various aspects, and impacts.

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Table of Contents:
Weather and climate / Global warming  / Greenhouse gases / Cryosphere  / Climate change / Source of methane  / Volcanoes and climate change / Aviation and global warming  / Long-lived GHGs / Paleoclimatology  / Carbon sink / Carbon sequestration  / Water vapour and global warming / Cement and climate change  / Amazon rainforests / Climate change and bushfires  / Health hazards and bushfires / Disappearance of islands  / NASA and climate change / Global warming and agriculture  / Polar bears and climate change / Extinction of fish species  / Hurricanes and weather patterns / Climate engineering  / Oceans and climate change / Odd-even scheme / Coronavirus and deforestation  / Overpopulation and global warming / Plastic pollution  / Pyrolysis / Bees and global warming  / Climate refugees / Appiko movement  / Ocean acidification / Corals and global warming  / CO2 emissions / Electric vehicles  / AI and climate change / CO2-equivalent  / The Montreal Protocol / The Kyoto Protocol  / Activist Greta Thunberg / Goldilocks Zone  / The Paris Agreement / Sustainable Development Goals  / Green Climate Fund / GHG emissions and the Kyoto Protocol  / UNFCCC and its objectives / Polluter pays principle  / Tackling global warming / Glossary  / Test yourself!


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