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Disaster Management, Corporate Social Responsibility and Conservation Issues

  • Author(s): Amit Kumar Thakur and Narayan Singh (eds)
  • Size: 160 mm x 240 mm
  • Pages: 240
  • Binding: Hardback
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9788179936597
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The vulnerability of various regions of the world towards disasters, both natural and anthropogenic, is widely known. Disasters such as landslides, earthquakes, floods have a long-lasting effect on the environment and socio-economic systems. These disasters have been occurring at regular intervals of time and the economic and social cost of these mount every year.

Disaster Management, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Conservation Issues deals with the fundamental principles and current practices in the field of disasters. The book covers various environmental challenges and issues related to natural disasters that affect all forms of life.  It discusses how disasters can be managed and the role corporate social responsibility can play in addressing the issues. The book also provides conservation steps that can help in mitigating disasters. Experts from different fields have contributed diverse, technical, and best concepts. Through the writings, the book will make readers better prepared for the challenges of disaster management and strive towards sustainable development.

Target Audience

    Researchers and Students

Table of Contents

    A Review of Flood Disaster in Assam State of India: Causes and Impacts
    Assam Flood 2016
    Causes of Floods in Assam

    Rampant Tourism an Ecological Disaster in Waiting: Case study from Ladakh
    Study Area

    A Retrospective Analysis of Earthquake Hazards and Hydropower Development in Indian Himalayan Region
    Earthquakes in Ihr: A Potential Cause for Dam-Induced Disasters in Ihr

    Factors Causing Landslides and Importance of Parameters during Landslide Hazard Zonation: Experiences from Kumaun Himalayas
    Study Area

    Major Natural Disasters and Livelihoods Improvement of Disaster-affected Areas through Horticulture in Uttarakhand
    Some Natural Disasters in Uttarakhand
    Kedarnath Disaster: Major Tragedy in Uttarakhand
    Fact and Plausible Causes of Disaster
    Re-Development/Livelihood Improvement
    Towards a need-based approach

    Effects of Climate Change on Agriculture: Indian Perspective
    Evidences of Climate Change and Unpredicted Monsoon Events in India
    Climate Change Effects on Agricultural Productivity
    Future Strategies for Overcoming Climate Change 

    Potentially Important but Neglected Roadside and Wasteland Medicinal Plants of Uttarakhand

    Natural Disasters in Hilly Areas: Special Reference to People Living in Indian Himalayan Region
    Sudden Events or Disasters in Himalayas
    Disaster Management System in India

    Ambient Air Pollution and its sources in the Semi-rural Sites in the Northwestern Indian Himalayas
    Data and Methodology
    Results and Discussions
    Role of Meteorology

    Diversity Analysis, Indigenous Uses and Current Status of Medicinal Plants in Mohalkhad Watershed of Himachal Pradesh, Northwestern Himalayas
    Material and Methods

    Site Occupancy and Abundance of Sloth Bear in Southern Aravalli Hills, India
    Study Area

    Managing Disaster through Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability-based Project on Apple Management in Himachal Pradesh Leading to Sustainable Development
    Apple and Sustainability of Himachal Pradesh
    Description of Study Area
    Approach and Methodology
    Project Interventions
    Sustainability and disaster management
    Outcome and Impact of the Project
    Future Outlook

    Community Participation in Disaster Management: Case Studies from Uttarakhand
    Natural Factors Effecting Community Participation
    Social and Economic Factors Affecting Community Participation  

    Commentary on Evolution and Divergence of the concept of CSR and Recent Developments Laid by Companies Act 2013
    Background: Corporate Social Responsibility


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