Environment Chronicles: the best of TerraGreen

  • Author(s): TERI
  • Size: 150 mm × 230 mm
  • Pages: 264
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9788179933589
  • Cover Price:

    Rs.295.00 / US $20.00

  • Special Price: Rs. 266.00 / US $18.00

Book Details

This unique collection of stories from across India, South Asia, and the world brings to you personal accounts of struggle, survival, trust, and hope for a better tomorrow. From the pollution-choked rivers in our cities, contamination in our food, to the carbon footprint of the US elections; from the promise of smokeless chulhas to the scenario in which we run out of oil; from the slow death of our historical heritage to the plight of the magnificent big cats, this thorough, complete, and meaningful anthology takes a broad sweep over the past few years to highlight and present the best and the biggest stories.

Key Features

    • Unique collection of articles on development and underdevelopment from India and abroad
    • Contributions by well-known journalists and environmentalists
    • Inspirational stories of struggle, survival, and hope
    • Immensely readable and informative

Table of Contents

    Sustainable Development
    Is Sustainable Development an Oxymoron? (R K Pachauri)
    Lessons from Akkarbaid (Dilip D’Souza)
    Can Global Poverty be Eradicated? (Leena Srivastava)
    Rural India Shining (Roshni Sengupta and Sucharita Sengupta)
    Dignity Regained (Sushmita Malaviya)
    Is Development Passé? (Darryl D’Monte)
    Growing Cotton Naturally (Nitin Jugran Bahuguna)
    Roadmap to Sustainable Cities (Roshni Sengupta)

    The Dying Dal Lake (Faisul Yaseen)
    Death of the Chinar (Faisul Yaseen)
    Conservation in the South Garo Hills (Sanjay Sondhi)
    Back to the Roots (Rishu Nigam)

    Yamuna Loses to the Games (Anuradha Dutt)
    The Ganga’s Last Stretch (Julian Crandall Hollick)
    Poisoning Punjab? (Jyotsna Singh)

    Fear Comes Full Circle in Kashmir (Faisul Yaseen)
    The Citizen vs Tiger Debate (Malini Shankar)

    At Home in the Hills (Rakesh Agrawal)

    Crumbling Heritage (Guy Noronha)
    Heritage in Danger (Arani Sinha)

    Jobs without Joy (Rakesh Agrawal)

    Tainted Tales (Ramesh Menon)
    Stolen from within: Human Organ Trade in India (Roshni Sengupta)
    Tropical and Deadly (Guy Noronha)
    Lethal Leaves (Ritu Gupta)

    Food Security
    Seeds of Success (Raju Gusain)
    Medak Springs Back to Life (R Akhileshwari)
    The Empty Bowl (Georgianne Nienaber)
    The Organic Option (Archana Pande)

    For Whom the Bells Toll (Anuradha Dutt)
    A Requiem for the Dongria Kandhs! (Subrat Kumar Sahu)
    The Footprint of an Election (Georgianne Nienaber)
    Nano: Small Wonder or Big Blunder? (Suparna Mukherji)
    Mahatma and the Environment (John S Moolakkattu)
    Voices from Ladakh: Through a Flood…Hope (Dilip D’Souza)

    Humans on Sale (Sahana Ghosh)
    Women as Protectors of Biodiversity (Ramesh Menon)

    If Oil Runs Out…(Bhaskar Hazarika)

    Hydrogen Economy: A Pipedream or Reality? (Darryl D’Monte)

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