Environmental Studies: basic concepts

  • Author(s): V. K. Ahluwalia
  • Size: 160 mm × 240 mm
  • Pages: 236
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9788179933213
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Book Details

Knowledge about the environment is key to its protection and improvement. It is important for us to understand the laws that govern the ongoing processes within the environment. Environmental studies is of significant importance to scientists and environmentalists because of rapid loss of biodiversity, sudden and unpredictable climate changes, water pollution, ozone layer depletion, and land degradation.

Environmental Studies: basic concepts discusses the various components and types of environment, the different types of natural resources and the problems faced in conserving them and the effective management of resources for sustainable lifestyles. This book also focuses on the concept, structure and function of an ecosystem, threats to biodiversity and conservation of biodiversity, causes, effects and control measures of pollution, the several types of pollution, hazardous effects of human population on environment and management of environment quality.

Key Features

    • Comprehensive explanation of the concept of environment and its critical significance for the survival of mankind
    • Overview of the various types of natural resources and their rising depletion
    • Detailed analysis of the concepts, structure and function of an ecosystem
    • Focus on biodiversity in India, hotspots of biodiversity and threats to biodiversity
    • Identification of the causes, effects, and control measures of pollution and management of environment quality

Target Audience

    Lecturers, Tutors, Graduate students and Undergraduate students of Environmental Sciences and Studies, Social Sciences

Table of Contents

    • Introduction • Natural resources • Ecosystems • Biodiversity • Pollution • Social issues and the environment • Human population and environment • Management of environment


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