Ecological Meltdown:impact of unchecked human growth on the earth's natural systems

  • Author(s): Asheem Srivastav
  • Pages: 256
  • Binding: Hardback
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9788179932780
  • Cover Price:

    Rs.495.00 / US $35.00

  • Special Price: Rs. 446.00 / US $32.00

Book Details

Ecological Meltdown is an information resource and valuable reference book that documents the destruction of biodiversity and ecosystems due to human actions. It warns of an impending ecological meltdown and analyses the causes behind it. These include unprecedented growth in human population, diversion and degradation of natural ecosystems, changing consumption patterns and survival strategies, sinking conservation funding, ineffective management, weak international biodiversity-related conventions, and never-ending conflicts. It also looks at solutions that need to be urgently adopted by the global civil society and national governments.

Key Features

    -Thoroughly researched and analytical text with supporting statistics
    -Authoritative and up-to-date data from authentic sources
    -Scientific facts and figures illustrated by diagrams, graphs, and tables
    -Offers a global as well as Indian perspective on sustainable development
    -A must read for all those who are concerned about the planet's future

Table of Contents

    - The concept of ecological footprints-how humanity is putting pressure on the earth's resources
    - Earth's carrying capacity; co-relation between growing population dynamics and biodiversity; India in 2050
    - State of global forests; global wood fuel analysis; grazing impact in India
    - Assessment of global protected areas
    - Wild species and challenges of illegal trade
    - Conservation funds, impact of wars and civil strife; global military budget
    - Relevance of international legal agreements on biodiversity
    - Revisiting sustainable development


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