Common property water resources: Dependence and Institutions in India's Villages

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Property rights on water, largely a common property resource, are very crucial in inducing collective action for management and conservation. State support to community action, both technical and financial, appears to be the prerequisite to affirmative actions in harnessing and managing water resources at the village level in India. These are two important messages coming out of this research study. It also adds to the evidence that landless labourers and marginal farmers in India depend in a major way on common resources for their traditional livelihood activities and domestic uses. A significant revelation is the emerging undercurrent of competition between big and small farmers over the use of such resources and the apparent exclusion of social minorities, landless, and women in their management. The discussions on water markets and the unique state-specific case studies reflect that 'necessity and scarcity' induce people to organize themselves for creating greater availability of common water resources and sharing the benefits more equitably.

Table of Contents

    Chapter 1 : Introduction

    Chapter 2 : Common property water resources: the conceptual foundation

    Chapter 3 : Common property water resources and rural quality of life

    Chapter 4 : Water markets in rural India

    Chapter 5 : Institutional and legal framework for the use of common property water resources in India

    Chapter 6 : Collective action in managing common property water resources:

    selected case studies

    Chapter 7 : Conclusions; References, Bibliography

    Annexure 1 : National Sample Survey Organisation tables

    Annexure 2 : Household questionnaire


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