CITIES: steering towards sustainability

  • Author(s): Pierre Jacquet, Rajendra K Pachauri and Laurence Tubiana
  • Pages : 272 pages
  • Binding : Paperback
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9788179931318
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The twenty-first century is already an urban one. Cities are pivotal to sustainability concerns – globalization, climate change, food security, environmental protection, and innovation.Today's urban actors, both citizens and their leaders, have a major responsibility as trustees of the future: their present actions will influence the shape and structure of cities, so that the generation to come may live healthy and contended lives. This volume takes the reader straight to the heart of how cities work, and identifies contemporary trends, mechanism and tools that can influence current strategies and choices.

The authors show that urbanization is not a problem per se for sustainable development, but rather that cities, in all their diversity and complexity, offer solutions as well as challenges. The reader will be inspired by vital analyses of the next decade’s window of opportunity for sustainable urban growth.

Key Features

    Papers by leading international experts and scholars

    New perspectives from 80 cities across five continents

    Multiple maps, charts, timelines and thematic focus essays

    A wealth of ideas for specialists and non-specialists alike (policy makers, administrators, concerned citizens, development professionals, entrepreneurs, journalists, students and others)

Table of Contents

    General Overview
    Sustainable Development In 2009: A global perspective
    Pierre Jacquet, Rajendra Pachauri, Laurence Tubiana (editors)

    Cities: steering towards sustainability
    Carine Barbier, Raphael Jozan, Vincent Renard, Sanjivi Sundar

    Chapter1: Globalization: an urban opportunity?
    Pierre Veltz

    Chapter2: 'World Class’ Cities: hubs of globalizations and high finance
    Luise David, Ludovic Halbert
    The risks of securitization
    Vincent Renard

    Chapter3: Sao Paolo: is fragmentation ineluctable?
    Sergio Torres Moraes

    Chapter4: India: when urban lifestyle determine the climate
    Partha Mukhopadhyay
    United States: renewable energy comes to town
    Stephen Hammer, Michael Hyams

    Chapter5: Rethinking the City: combining its form and flows
    Serge Salat, Caroline Nowacki
    China: moving towards energy efficiency
    Nils Devernois

    Chapter6: Africa: improve both environmental and human health
    Florence Fournet, Blaise Nguendo Yongsi, Aude Meunier-Nikiema, Gerard Salem
    The atmospheric cost of development
    Christine Loh

    Chapter7: The city returns to its hinterlands for natural resources
    Bernard Barraque, Stephanie Pincetl
    China: massive projects supply cities with water; Agriculture and the urban–rural nexus
    Charles Baubion
    Agriculture and the Urban-Rural Nexus
    Jean-Lue Francois

    Chapter8: Access to water and access to the city
    Sylvy Jaglin
    Urban Services: overturning of dogmas
    Olivier Coutard
    South Asia: managing a limited resource
    Anamika Barua, Ashok Jaitly

    Chapter 9 Africa: where and how to house urban citizens
    Marie Huchzermeyer
    Tunis: why housing is inadequate
    Morched Chabbi
    Supporting federations of slum dwellers in Asia and Africa
    Diana Mitlin, David Satterthwaite

    Chapter10: Insecurity and Segregation: Rejecting an urbanism of fear
    Luca Pattaroni, Yves Pedrazzini

    Chapter11: Inventing sustainable financing for cities
    Thierry Paulaid
    Development Aid: a comprehensive city-scale approach
    Nathalie Le Denmat

    Chapter12: Bridging the Ecologies of cities and of nature
    Saskia Sassen
    Inventing environmental cooperation in southeast Asia
    Tai-Chee Wong

    Chapter13: When emerging cities set standards;
    Jeremie Cave, Joel Ruet

    Chapter14: City Networks: expressing their needs, building expertise
    lisabeth Gateau

    Focus on urban world, urban challenges, global players, local stakes and countering the risks


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