Reducing rural poverty in Asia

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Reducing rural poverty in Asia provides evidence-based guidelines for policymakers in developing countries, fore researchers focusing on development problems, and for the international development assistance community in the continuing search for ways to effectively reduce poverty in the developing world. Detailed examinations are clearly presented on the efforts for poverty alleviation through micro-enterprise development and rural public employment programmes that focus on public works and household/small-scale industries. Asia-based case studies of various micro-enterprises and rural public employment projects reveal important policy mechanisms and the effectiveness of each poverty reduction measure. Tables, figures, and relevant glossaries make unfamiliar terms and difficult information easy to understand. This comprehensive, thorough and insightful book is a must read for students and scholars of rural development.

Table of Contents

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    Part I: Synthesis and Major Lessons
    Chapter 1. Rural Poverty and the Nonfarm Sector in Rural Asia
    Chapter 2. Rural Nonfarm Microenterprise: Salient Features and Issues
    Chapter 3. Bangladesh Case: Review and Analysis
    Chapter 4. Indian Case Studies: Review and Analysis

    Chapter 5. Overview of Country Experiences

    Chapter 6. Conclusions: Microfinance for Microenterprise

    Chapter 7. Public Employment Schemes: Case Studies in India, Bangaldesh, and the Philippines

    Chaper 8. Review of country Experience of Public Employment and Policy Conclusions

    Part II: Country Case Studies

    Chapter 9. SIDBI Foundation for Micro Credit

    Chapter 10. Maharashtra Rural Credit Project

    Chapter 11. Small Enterprises Development Project in Bangladesh

    Chapter 12. A Study on Grameen Uddog, MEDU, and Kishoreganj Projects

    Chapter 13. A Review of the Employment Guarantee Scheme in Maharashtra

    Chapter 14. Public Works Employment and Rural Poverty Alleviation in the Philippines





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