Cleaner is Cheaper: Volume 5

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The Cleaner is Cheaper series, now in it's fifth year, server as an authoritative commentary on the outstanding innovations being undertaken by Indian industry for effective environmental management.The title was released by the Hon'ble Finance Minister, Mr. P. Chidambaram during the 6th TERI Corporate Awards on 23 May '07.
The examples documented in this book present the 'first-evers' in the industry and hence should server as motivation for the others to benefit from the experiences and improve upon. The cases focus on several themes including pollution control, water conservation, wastewater utilization, energy efficiency, and the like.

The book is definitive value edition for anyone who is interested in the subject of environment management and sustainable development.

Table of Contents

    Foreword                                                                 xiii
    Acknowledgements                                                         xv
    Introduction                                                             1
    1 Century Rayon, Century Textiles and Industries Ltd         		7
    2 Exide Industries Ltd                                                   13
    3 Hindustan Zinc Ltd                                                     21
    4 Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Ltd                              27
    5 Grasim Industries Ltd                                                  37
    6 Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd, Lakwa, Assam                      43
    7 Reliance Industries Ltd, Hazira                                        49
    8 Reliance Industries Ltd, Patalganga                                    55
    9 Tata Sponge Iron Ltd                                                   61
    10 UAL        

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  • Released during the 6th TERI Corporate Award Programme on 23 May, 2007


    The threat of global climate change and its potential dangers are looming large and cannot be wished away, but has to be faced squarely and sensibly. It is in this context that this volume seeks to highlight some of the innovative measures being taken by Indian industry for effective environmental management, including pollution control, water conservation, waste water utilization, energy efficiency and the like.

    The focus on cleaner processes and systems, rather than end-of-pipe solutions, has come to be accepted as a more effective strategy, but still needs to be adopted and put into practice on a far wider scale. The fact that each of the initiatives has also yielded financial gains only goes to confirm the adage that ?it pays to be environment-friendly?. This compendium contains 25 case studies from some of the leader of Indian industry both in the public and private sectors. The case studies have been classified into four broad categories: environmental management system, process improvement, water/waste water management, and waste management and resource conservation.

    The Hindu
    12 June, 2007