Biopesticides for sustainable agriculture: prospects and constraints

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During the Green Revolution, achieving high crop yields at any cost was the ultimate goal. The emphasis now is on sustainable agriculture-increasing yields without harming the environment. Biopesticides are a vital component of sustainable agriculture. But are biopesticides as effective as chemical pesticides? Will farmers be able to use them and achieve high yields? What are the types of biopesticides available? What are the constraints faced by farmers and people in the market in procuring and selling them? This book answers these and similar questions. This volume is a collection of papers by eminent scientists working in the field of biopesticides. It gives examples of the successful use of biopesticides and problems associated with their widespread use. Some of the issues discussed include the relatively inadequate use of available biopesticides, most often due to the farmers' ignorance; poor quality of biopesticides; regulatory norms; the inability to implement large-scale initiatives; and the introduction of natural enemies to control pests. Targeting agriculturists, policy-makers, researchers, and representatives of the pesticide industry, Biopesticides for sustainable agriculture: prospects and constraints while focusing on India provides a global perspective on relevant research and methodologies in this field.

Table of Contents



    Role and limitations of biopesticides in sustainable agriculture
    S Nagarajan

    Biopesticides for sustaining organic agricultural production
    N Kaushik

    Biopesticides in India
    V Singhal

    Entomopathogen biopesticides in integrated pest management
    A Singh, O M Bambawale, and O P Sharma

    Status of regulatory norms for biopesticides in India
    S Kulshrestha

    The Department of Biotechnology’s initiatives towards the development and use of biopesticides in India
    S Wahab

    Biopesticides in sustainable agriculture: status and prospects
    O P Dubey and O P Sharma

    Neem for sustainable pest management and environmental conservation
    R C Saxena

    Utilization of neem biopesticides: technological and policy constraints
    B S Parmar

    Use of biological control for insect pest management
    A V Navarajan Paul

    Utilization of biopesticides in cotton pest management
    G P Gupta and M Raghuraman

    Prospects and constraints in the application of pheromones and botanical pesticides
    S Narasimhan and S Kannan

    Food security, biopesticides vis-


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  • The editor has done a commendable job to compile all the relevant topics in one volume? will be a valuable asset for promotors of IPM, organic agriculture as well as sustainbale agriculture.
    -Dr O P Dubey, Assistant Director General
    Indian Council of Agricultural Research