Managing energy efficiently in hotels and commercial buildings

  • Author(s): Pradeep Kumar
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The exponential increase in the costs of different forms of energy has led to the growing importance of energy conservation as a means of cutting energy costs in buildings. Studies have revealed that incorporation of energy-efficiency concepts reduces the energy use in new buildings by 40% of that in the conventional buildings, and in existing buildings by 20% by suitable retrofit applications. However, lack of awareness and non-availability of appropriate tools for decision-making discourage many from adopting energy-efficiency concepts in their buildings.

This publication, titled Managing energy efficiently in hotels and commercial buildings, provides a set of guidelines and methodologies for carrying out energy conservation studies, popularly known as energy audits in buildings. Apart from outlining some broad principles on energy conservation in hotels and commercial buildings, this book focuses on almost all energy-consuming systems to assist engineering and maintenance professionals to conduct in-house audits. This book is primarily targeted at engineering and maintenance professionals, service engineers, system designers, academics, and consultants working in this field.

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