Changing Coastlines: Effects of climate change by TERI buy online

Changing Coastlines: Effects of climate change

  • Author(s): TERI
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  • Pages: 20
  • Binding: Paperback
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  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 81-85419-20-5
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Book Details

This publication explains the phenomenon of sea level rise; outlines the impacts of sea level rise in qualitative terms; defines the areas particularly vulnerable to sea level rise; summarizes the findings of a few representative case studies from both the developed world (The Netherlands, Japan, and USA) and the developing world (Bangladesh, Egypt, and Maldives); and highlights the appropriate strategies to mitigate the adverse impacts of sea level rise, including biological, technical, and institutional responses.

Table of Contents

    sqb.gif (828 bytes) Preface
    sqb.gif (828 bytes) The rising seas
    sqb.gif (828 bytes) The impacts
    sqb.gif (828 bytes) The vulnerable ones
    sqb.gif (828 bytes) Findings of country case studies
    From the developing world: Bangladesh, Egypt, Maldives
    From the developed world: The Netherlands, Japan, United States of America, India
    sqb.gif (828 bytes) The response
    sqb.gif (828 bytes) References


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