Climate Change and Disease Dynamics in India

  • Author(s): Nitish Dogra and Sangeet Srivastava
  • Size: 160 mm × 240 mm
  • Pages: 456
  • Binding: Hardback
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9788179934128
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Book Details

Planetary health is today inextricably linked to population health. Climate change, an integral part of planetary health, is foremost among global environmental changes affecting human health. This mammoth challenge is characterized by the potential risk to cripple health systems worldwide and profoundly alter disease dynamics, thereby threatening the well-knit fabric as well as growth of society. Unfortunately, much of the evidence for these linkages has come largely from the developed world. By focusing on India, one of the significant developing countries of the global economy, Climate Change and Disease Dynamics in India aims to fill a crucial gap in the fields of climate science and public health.

The book is divided into three main aspects: fundamentals, impacts and applied. By examining these aspects and more, the book seeks to explore the multitude of issues related to climate change and disease dynamics; right from the basics to the bedside to the boardroom. Each chapter reviews relevant global and India-specific evidence, and also the implication of that knowledge in programmatic terms and policy implications.

Key Features

    • Brings out the relationship between climate change and diseases
    • State of the art tools such as GIS have been described for health impact assessment
    • Adaptation strategies have been discussed in a developing economy context
    • Putative linkages in areas such as mental health have been holistically addressed

Target Audience

    Students, Researchers, and Professionals of Climate Change Studies, Public Health Studies, Environmental Sciences and Studies, Medical Sciences, and Social Sciences

Table of Contents

    Fundamentals Section
    Global environmental change
    Climate epidemiology
    Climate change attributable burden of disease
    Modelling for future health impacts
    Indian climatology in the context of human health

    Evidence Section: climate extremes outcomes
    Thermal stress
    Climate disasters
    Sea level rise

    Evidence Section: climate sensitive diseases
    Vector-borne diseases
    Diarrhoeal diseases
    Respiratory diseases
    Mental health
    Emerging and re-emerging diseases

    Applied Section
    Geographic Information System
    Resources and infrastructure
    Vulnerability and adaptation
    Economic of scaling up
    Health communication


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