Climate Change in Asia and Brazil: The role of technology transfer

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Climate Change in Asia and Brazil: the role of technology transfer', presents the challenges and difficulties encountered in technology transfer and the measures necessary to make it a success, including policy and institutional reforms, regulations, fiscal incentives, and strengthening technical and managerial skills. The volume is particularly useful to practitioners and policy-makers because it is based not on mere theories but on actual case studies and recounts the experiences of the industry, government, NGOs, and international organizations.

Table of Contents

    sqb.gif (46 bytes) Forewords by James Gustave Speth and Mohamed El-Ashry
    sqb.gif (46 bytes) Technology transfer in the Bangladesh context by K I Omar and I Hossain
    sqb.gif (46 bytes) Technology transfer and absorption in developing countries: a cast-study of lighting and cogeneration in Brazil by J R Moreira, A Poole, and E Calixto Burini Jr
    sqb.gif (46 bytes) Technology transfer in the Indian context by A Achanta, S Bhattacharjee, G Chandrasekar, P Dadhich, and A Jaitly
    sqb.gif (46 bytes) Technology transfer of cogeneration systems and corresponding CO2 emissions reduction opportunities in Indonesia by S Sasmojo, M H Soejachmocn, and U Siagian
    sqb.gif (46 bytes) Japan's technology transfer policy and problems in future by Takao Tomitate
    sqb.gif (46 bytes) The role of technology transfer in abating CO2 emissions: the case of the Republic of Korea by Hoesung Lee and Jong-dall Kim
    sqb.gif (46 bytes) Role of technology transfer in limiting CO2 emissions: Thailand's case for cogeneration and energy e?cient lighting by C Boonyubool, C Chamchoy
    sqb.gif (46 bytes) Technology development of cogeneration and energy saving lighting in China: an overview by Wu Zongxin and Wei Zhihong
    sqb.gif (46 bytes) Country policy affecting technology transfer in Iran by Mohammad Sarir and Mahmoud Shariat
    sqb.gif (46 bytes) Role of technology transfer in abating greenhouse gas emissions: the case of Sri Lanka by K Gnanalingam and Tilak Siyambalapitiya


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