Wealth from waste: trends and technologies (Second edition) by Banwari Lal buy online

Wealth from waste: trends and technologies (Second edition)

  • Author(s): Banwari Lal
  • Size: 200 mm × 250 mm
  • Pages: 495
  • Binding: Hardback
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 81-7993-067-X
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Rapid urbanization and industrialization in India visibly spell the need to put in place effective and efficient systems for disposal of the waste generated—municipal solid waste, agro-industrial waste, plastic, waste water, and so on. As in other Asian countries, in India too, landfills, groundwater pollution, residues produced by agro-industrial processes, and other similar problems pose a threat. It is estimated that methanogenic anaerobic digestion releases over 250 million tonnes of methane gas annually all over the world—methane is a substantial contributor to global warming.

These facts compel us to take a closer look at the need to recycle waste rather than simply find ways to dispose of it. At a time when the world is confronted with the twin challenges of fossil-fuel depletion and environmental degradation, the book emphasizes how addressing the latter could contribute to mitigating the former by addressing the issues of generating energy from waste, describing scientific methods to minimize its hazardous impacts, providing an assessment of the existing technologies, and highlighting various aspects of biofuel production and cogeneration.

Wealth from waste is a must-read for policy-makers in the developing-countries, environmentalists, development practitioners, researchers, waste management experts, and decision-makers in corporate organizations.

Table of Contents


    Biomass gasifier-based power plants: potential, problems, and research needs for decentralized rural electrification
    Sanjay Mande

    Avinash K Agarwal

    Bio-hydrogen: technology status and future prospects
    Jae-Ho Bae, Nirmala Bardiya, and M R V Prasada Reddy

    Technological options for municipal solid waste management
    R Johri and K V Rajeshwari

    Industrial solid waste
    Suneel Pandey

    Technological trends and opportunities in cogeneration
    Pradeep K Dadhich

    Bioethanol: a status review on metabolic pathway modification of certain ethanologenic bacteria through genetic engineering
    M R V Prasada Reddy, B Lal, and H Sonali

    Methanogenesis from agro-industrial residues: potential and prospects
    Deepak Somayaji

    Utilization of agricultural wastes / by-products in treatment of water and waste water
    M C Somasekhara Reddy

    Industrial effluents: bioreactors for treatment of wastes
    K Ramasamy and P Doraisamy

    Bioethanol production technologies: economics, environmental impact, and policy issues
    K L Kadam

    Environmental regulations in India for waste management
    Sandeep Shrivastava



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