Mycorrhiza News: The Quarterly Newsletter of Mycorrhiza Network (Discontinued from April 2023)

Mycorrhiza News: The Quarterly Newsletter of Mycorrhiza Network (Discontinued from April 2023)

  • Frequency:4 issues a year
  • ISSN: 0970-695X
  • Size: 140 mm × 210 mm
  • Pages: 20
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Newsletter Details

Mycorrhiza News, a newsletter, published since 1988, is an instrument of knowledge communicating and disseminating the discoveries and research outputs. It deals with biodiversity, conservation, ecology, biotechnology, biofertilizer technology, commercial application, marketing aspects, updated literature, application of mycorrhizae for sustenance and resilient future with reference to various types of mycorrhizae.

The newsletter presents original research finding papers on these topics and publishes a large number of articles from eminent scientists and young researchers. It caters to the needs of young and enthusiastic workers engaged in the field of mycorrhiza research including agriculturists, mycorrhizologists, budding scientists, students and information professionals, besides updating their knowledge about understanding of mycorrhizae at national and global levels.

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Key Features:
• Notes on important breakthroughs
• Brief accounts of new approaches and techniques
• World mycorrhizal research news and innovations
• Research activities highlighting the Centre for Mycorrhiza Culture Collection
• Forthcoming and related events on Mycorrhiza
• Important references of research papers published in different national and international journals


Show Abstract Issue -Vol.30(4) January 2019

Research Finding Papers

  • Distribution of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi in Coal Mine and Forest Soils of North Telangana

    Dayakar Govindu
    Althaf Hussain
    Sharath Bellamkonda
    Anusha Duvva
    Srinivas Podeti: Department of Biotechnology, Kakatiya University, Warangal, Telangana State, India; Email:

  • Mycorrhiza Information and Resources Centre at TERI: Some Aspects and Prospects

  • Review

  • Carbon Sequestration by Mycorrhiza

    C Manoharacharya: NASI Senior Scientist, Department of Botany, Osmania University, Hyderabad 500 007,Telangana, India

    Anurag Nath: Project Associate, The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi 110 003, India, Email:

  • New Approaches


  • Forthcoming Events

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