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TerraGreen (a monthly magazine on environmental issues)

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TerraGreen is TERI's flagship magazine that deals with issues related to sustainable development, environment, and energy. In a world standing on the brink of a major ecological disaster, TG hopes to be the ray of light that lights up the road ahead.

Microplastics are recognized as a main source of marine pollution. The plastic products and waste materials dumped in the Ganga River break down and are eventually broken down into micro particles and the river finally transports large quantities downstream into the ocean. Untreated sewage from many cities along the Ganga River’s course, industrial waste and religious offerings add pollutants into the river as it flows through numerous thickly inhabited cities. In this article, Dr Rina Mukherji talks about two recent studies that have revealed the high prevalence of microplastics in the Ganga River basin, and pointed to the risks involved to
freshwater biodiversity in the region.


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