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Energy Efficiency Matters

  • Author(s): Ajay Mathur and Leher V Thadani
  • Size: 140 mm × 210 mm
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Pages: 88
  • ISBN: 9789394657045
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    Rs.299.00 / US $21.00

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Book Details

Would you like to reduce your monthly electricity bill? Help reduce power outages in your neighbourhood? Improve air quality in your city? And all while making a measurable impact in slowing global warming and climate change? If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, this book is for you.

Energy Efficiency Matters gives concerned citizens like you an overview of how your electricity bills are calculated as well as practical guidelines and clear directions for practising energy efficiency at home. The easily-implementable practices for mindful and responsible electricity consumption in daily life can significantly reduce your household’s energy costs as well as the impact of harmful carbon emissions on your health and the local environment. Without compelling you to buy any new technology or make any additional expense, this book aims to help you achieve a change in outlook that will have repercussions far beyond your home, extending to the nation and the whole world.

That said, if you are looking to buy or replace electrical appliances for your home, this book also outlines the factors and features to consider, including energy efficiency labels, to maximize usage while minimizing electricity consumption.

The book also advises you on planning, designing, decorating or refurbishing your home to minimize electricity use while delivering the desired comfort and guides you on publicly available resources to learn more about energy efficiency.

Although written in the Indian context, the simple and relatable principles explained in this book can nonetheless find relevance and application in the lives of electricity and energy consumers across the world.

When properly applied, the collective actions of conscientious and determined individuals like you can go a long way in preserving the planet for the children of today and tomorrow.

Target Audience

    Adults who are concerned about topical issues but lack the understanding to make sense of what they read or watch in the mass media.

Table of Contents

    • Foreword
    • Preface
    • The concerned citizen’s lexicon
    • Potential for energy efficiency
    • The household energy bill
    • Mindful energy consumption at home
    • Choosing and building energy-efficient homes
    • Energy efficiency beyond the home
    • Frequently asked questions
    • Conclusion
    • References


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