Partnerships for Sustainable Energy Development in India

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With India witnessing healthy gross domestic product growth rates of six to seven per cent over the past few years, along with an even higher industrial growth rate, major questions are being raised, in terms of technological choices which the country should make in order to ensure that the environment is protected and the natural resources in India are used in a sustainable manner. Analysis is also required in this context on the very structure of future economic growth in India and the nature of desirable capital inflows.

TERI, New Delhi, has been engaged in a major project called GREEN India 2047 (Growth with Resource Enhancement of Environment and Nature). Aiming to correct the degradation of India?s natural resources that has taken place during the last 50 years, a perspective extending into the next 50 years is being developed which would provide a useful road map for business investors and funding agencies for development and dissemination of technologies and interventions that are resource-efficient.

This conference was part of an outreach strategy that endeavours to learn from experiences of developed countries and seek their technological and financial inputs in pursuing robust economic growth along a sustainable path. These proceedings contain the deliberations of key policy makers and influencers from India and the US on this subject. Keeping both the global and local environmental perspectives in mind, business opportunities were identified in the fields of energy and environment, in areas such as power generation and transmission; rural energy needs; agriculture; biotechnology; renewable energy sources; and management systems. A notable outcome of the conference was the decision of TERI and the National Academy of Sciences to set up a joint web site that provides business- and skills-related information about Indian and US entities, leading to partnerships for sustainable development.


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