50 FAQs on Climate Change, Second Edition (know all about climate change and do your bit to limit it) by Swati Prabhu buy online

50 FAQs on Climate Change, Second Edition (know all about climate change and do your bit to limit it)

  • Author(s): Swati Prabhu
  • Size: 120 mm x 180 mm
  • Pages: 60
  • Available in: Digital format only
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9788179936917
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What is the difference between ‘climate’ and ‘weather’? When was the change in climate first recognized and by whom? What is ‘Anthropocene’? Does climate change impact mental health? Is climate change a result of the conflict between human and nature? How is food security linked to climate change? What is GISTEMP? Know the answers to these, and 43 more frequently asked questions, on climate change, its various aspects, and impacts.

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Table of Contents:
Weather / Climate / Difference between ‘climate’ and ‘weather’ / Global climate change / Preventing climate change / Atmosphere / Main components of Earth’s atmosphere / Greenhouse gases / Source of greenhouse gases / Greenhouse effect / Change in climate / Inklings of changing climate / Carbon / Carbon footprint / Anthropocene / Sources of human-made emissions / Health risks due to climate change / Impact of climate change on mental health  / Global mean surface temperature / Atmospheric carbon cycle  / Global warming / Difference between global warming and climate change  / Link between climate change and COVID-19 / Conflict between human and nature  / Food security / Relation between food security and climate change / International climate change negotiation / GISTEMP  / Climate neutrality / Paris Climate Agreement  / Conference of Parties / Kyoto Protocol  / Sustainable development / Copenhagen Accord  / Agenda 2030 / Sustainable Development Goals  / Clean Development Mechanism / Intended Nationally Determined Contribution  / CBDR–RC / India’s INDCs  / Green bond / Carbon sink  / Decarbonization / Ocean acidification  / Energy conservation and energy efficiency / Share of GHG emissions  / Reducing carbon footprint / National Action Plan on Climate Change  / Afforestation / Sustainable lifestyle


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