International Conference on Digital Libraries (ICDL) 2016: Smart Future: Knowledge Trends that will Change the World

  • Author(s): Shantanu Ganguly, P K Bhattacharya, Projes Roy, Pallavi Shukla and N Deepa
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The ICDL Conferences are recognized as one of the most important platforms in the world where noted experts share their experiences. Many DL experts have contributed thought-provoking papers in ICDL 2016. These important papers are reviewed and conceptualized into ICDL on di_ erent areas of DL proceedings. The Proceedings have two volumes and over 700 pages.

Table of Contents


    Genesis of ICDL

    Conference Committee


    Invited Papers

    Semantic Enhancement: Improving Discovery and Discoverability in Bibliographic and Cultural Worlds
    John Akeroyd

    Knowledge Management for Millennials/Generations Y and Z
    Mandar Bhagwat

    On Big Data Analytics in Bioinformatics: Architectures, Techniques, Tools and Issues
    D K Bhattacharyya

    A Showcase of Tools from the TRACE Project
    Alejandro Bia

    How to Develop a Successful CRM Strategy and its Implementation and Utilization in an Organization?
    Sheshadri Chatterjee

    Open Access and Open Science in Driving Innovation
    Leslie Chan

    Research Data Management: New Role and Challenges for Information Scientists
    Gobinda Chowdhury

    Open Data in Switzerland
    Jean-Marc Comment

    National Digital Library of India (NDL): Uniting the Digitally Diverse India
    Partha Pratim Das

    Unlocking India’s Printed Heritage through Innovative Digital Research
    Tom Derrick

    Using Digital Games to Teach Information Literacy
    Dion H Goh

    Active Data Management Planning – Opportunities and Challenges
    Heike Görzig, Felix Engel and Matthias Hemmje

    Big Data: Opportunities and Challenges in Libraries
    Kishore R Ingale

    Data mining: A Tool for Better Service Delivery
    Anna Janíková

    Living Knowledge: Meeting the British Library’s Purpose in a Digital Age
    Kristian Jensen

    Open Access: Facilitating the Flow of Knowledge
    Erik Jan Van Kleef

    The Energy-Transportation Nexus & the Emergence of Cognitive IOT Systems
    Shivkumar Kalyanaraman

    The Bodleian Libraries and Social Media: How We Succeed with Our Strategy
    Adam Koszary

    Towards Integrated Multilingual Access to Diverse Digital Libraries and Archives
    Akira Maeda

    Digital Library Case Studies and Best Practices: Digital Libraries and Health Consumers in 2020
    Nalini Mahajan

    From Meta Data to Data - Search and Discovery
    Hadar Miller

    The Hondigi/L-Crowd Joint Project: A Microtask-based Approach for Transcribing Japanese Texts
    Atsuyuki Morishima, Kiyonori Nagasaki, Kosetsu Ikeda and Takanori Kawashima

    IoT and the Rise of Smart Machines - Prosperity or Doomsday
    Arijit Mukherjee

    Information Discovery on the Internet, Using a Search Query that Consists of a Combination Text & Image
    Paul Nieuwenhuysen

    Research Integrity Metrics
    Michael Seadle

    Big Data and Personalized Medicine: Challenges and Opportunities for India
    D Sundar

    Linguistic Semantic Network for Document Representation
    Tengku Mohd. T Sembok and Sharyar Wani

    Digitization of Science and its Impact on Libraries
    Klaus Tochtermann

    A Visual Rhythm Approach to Visualize Multidimensional Cyclical Data: A Case Study on Phenological Data Analysis
    Greice C Mariano, Vanessa G Staggemeier, Leonor Patricia C Morellato and Ricardo da S Torres

    Online Education Initiatives – Necessity, Possibilities and Challenges for India
    Shahid Rasool

    Guest Papers

    Digital Library Network of South Asia: A Special Focus on Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) Movement
    Dilara Begum, Nazmul Hasan and Mamun-Or-Rashid

    Interconnections: Developing an Integrated Framework for Disaster Plan to Safeguard Library Collections
    Heather Brown

    Big Data Applications - Powering the Transition to Learning Commons from Printed Page to Digital Age
    Usha Mujoo Munshi

    Large-scale Metadata Harvesting – Tools, Techniques and Challenges: A Case Study of National Digital Library (NDL)
    Samrat Guha Roy, B. Sutradhar and Partha Pratim Das

    Contributed Papers

    1. Digitization Strategic Initiatives and Research

    1.1 Digital Rights Management

    Spectrum of Owners Rights in Digital Publishing World – All Rights Reserved to No Rights Reserved
    Sunita Agarwal

    1.2 Digital Preservation and Access Management of Culture and Heritage

    Sahitya Sagar: A Digital Repository of Sahitya Akademi Library
    Sufian Ahmad

    Digital Preservation in University Libraries of Pakistan
    Rafiq Muhammad

    Classification-based Access Control Methodology in RDF
    Abhishek P, Jayateerth S Deshpande and Kavi Mahesh

    1.3 Digital Library Case Studies and Best Practices

    NSTMIS Research Publications and Projects: Development of a Digital Repository
    Parveen Arora, Reeta Sharma and T P Sankar

    Availability and Uses of Public Access Computers in Academic Libraries in Kaduna State
    Usman A Adam

    Digital Library of Traditional Kashmiri Music
    Nadim Akhtar Khan, Humma Ahangar, Abdul Gani and Vakar Ahmad

    Promoting Free Cost Delivery to End User in the Virtual Epoch
    A S Gawadekar

    Use of Web-based Library Services by Undergraduates Students: A Preliminary Case Study in the Faculty of Arts in University of Colombo
    M P Rajapaksha

    Migration from Libsys to Koha ILMS ver 3.14: A Transition of UPES Library, Dehradun
    Ranjan Sinha Thakur

    1.4 Digital Library Standards and Policy

    Development of Digital Library and Users Perception: With Reference to Manipur University Library
    Sanasam Sandhyarani Devi and Moirangthem Lokendro Singh

    Digital School Libraries in Bangladesh: A Role Model for Changing Lives of the Extreme Poor Children
    Md. Nasiruddin, Mohammad Habibul Islam and Md. Armanul Haque

    1.5 Digital Literacy

    A Survey of Digital Information Literacy (DIL) among Library and Information Professionals
    Essam Mansour

    2.Knowledge Discovery and Open Research Initiatives

    2.1 Open Archive Initiatives and Post Metadata Harvesting

    Use of Open Access by Engineering Faculty: A Case Study of Aissms College of Engineering, Pune, Maharashtra, India
    Vrushali Dandawate

    Interoperability Standards in Digital Libraries: With a Special Reference to OAI-PMH
    Purbi Dey Kanungo

    Digital Authentication Systems and Remote Access to e-Resources: A Study
    Sushant Kumar Panigrahi, T M Devendrappa and Nihal Alam

    2.2 Open Science, Open Data, Open Innovation

    Developing Institutional Open Educational Resource Repository in Open and Distance Learning Environment: A Model for Netaji Subhas Open University Based On Open Source Software
    Barnali Roy Choudhury

    MetaFast: Web Based Metadata Builder for Large Scale Repositories
    Surinder Kumar and Iftekhar Khan

    Application of Open Source Solutions for Digital Asset Management: A Case Study of NIT Rourkela
    Vinod Kumar Mishra and Puspita Mishra

    2.3 Data Mining and Curation

    Dynamic Digital Curation for Modern Libraries: A Boon for Digital world
    Shivarama, Ashok Kumar and A B Deepak

    2.4 Information Storage and Retrieval Systems

    The Difference of Significance in Precision, Recall and F-Measure of Select Search Engines
    Peerzada Mohammad Iqbal and Sabha Ali

    Enhancing Information Retrieval in Digital Libraries using Specific Domain Ontology: A Study
    Nilesh A. Shewale and J Shivarama

    Searching Fuzzy Information in Digital Library
    Do Quang Vinh

    Emerging Trends in Search Engines: Engineering Faculty and Students’ Perception on Search Engines
    J Vivekavardhan

    Evolution and Practices of Social Information Retrieval (SIR) with Special Reference to Twitter: A Review
    Zahid Ashraf Wani, Huma Shafiq, Tariq Shafi and Iram Mukhtar Mahajan

    2.5 Open Educational Resources

    Use of E-resources by N-List in the College Libraries Under West Bengal State University
    Paramita Sen and Subarna Kumar Das

    2.6 E-Learning and Digital Publishing

    MOOCs: An Overwhelming Opportunity for Librarians
    Vanita Khanchandani and Moveen Kumar

    Online Courses on Digital Libraries: An Exploratory Study
    Vijendra Kumar and Neelam Kabra

    Use of Electronic Materials in Promoting E-Learning in Aligarh Muslim University: A Survey
    Priyanka Nagar

    E-Learning - Government of India Initiatives: A Critical Review
    Alka Rai



    3. Data Management and Application for Smart Future

    3.1 Application of Big data and Analytical Tools

    Big Data Management
    Zeba Khanam and Saud Ahmad Khan

    3.2 Internet of Things (IoT)

    Smart Cities: Envisioning through Big Data Analytics
    Geetanjali Bihani

    4. Enterprise Architecture 2.0

    4.1 Semantic and Ontology

    Reading MIND: Analysing Sentiments in Texts with Software Toolkit
    Debarshi Das and Rajarshi Das

    Ontology Based Knowledge Construction for University Administration Processes
    Anand Kumar and B P Singh

    Empirical Analysis of Indian Political Ecosystem as an Application of Generic Textual Analysis
    Madhu Nadig, K N Bhargav and Kavi Mahesh

    4.2 Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing

    Libraries on Fingertips: A Case Study of Indian Institute of Management Lucknow-Noida Campus
    Kavita Chaddha

    Use of Mobile Devices in Enhancing Information Services: Analysis of the Students’ Opinion in the University of Delhi
    Saleeq Ahmad Dar and Margam Madhusudhan

    4.3 Social Media and Analytical Tools

    Drag the Attentiveness of Young Voters about the Elections through Social Media in Jakarta, Indonesia
    Prida Ariani and Ambar Astuti

    Graphic Visualization of Scientometric Data
    Chiraag, Harshith G, Lavanya P, Karthikeyakeshava Shastry and Kavi Mahesh

    Social Media Acceptance as Research Tool: A Study Based on Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT) Model
    Rosy Jan, Insha Tariq, Muneer Ahmad and Rahil Mansoor

    Impact of Social Network Analysis by the Users of Technical University Libraries in Odisha
    Sanghamitra Dalbehera

    Centrality Measures for Heterogeneous Citation Networks
    Megha Jhunjhunwala and Pabitra Mitra

    Reality or Fiction: Startling Revelation about Facts on Social Media
    Saurabh Sharma, Poonam and Neelkamal

    Reading Habit of Students in the Digital Age: Federal Polytechnic Ado-ekiti Students as a Case Study
    Ayeni E O and Folorunso F J

    Effectiveness of Social Media Tools in Information Sharing and Collaborative Learning: A Case Study of BVB Vidyashram Pratap Nagar
    Sarwesh Pareek

    Digital Marketing of Services and Products in Library and Information Centers
    Bijoy Ketan Panda

    Use of Social Networking Sites By the Students and the Research Scholars of Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (IIT) and Delhi Technological University, Delhi (DTU): A Study
    Monika Singh Jhamb and Garvita

    An Altmetric Approach to Assess the Research Productivity: Use of Research Gate (RG)
    Tazeem Zainab and Zahid A Wani

    4.4 Knowledge Management

    Behavioural Mechanism of Knowledge Sharing Pattern among Research Scholars
    P M Naushad Ali and Daud Khan

    Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) Framework by Using Desktop Search Application – Google Desktop Search Tool
    Pralhad Jadhav

    Demystifying the Growth: A Case Study of Knowledge Resource Centre of Mahindra Research Valley
    Ashutosh G Joshi, S Santhosh and E-Priyan

    Collaborations of Scientists & Academic Librarians in the Digital Knowledge Environment: Past, Present, and Promise
    Martin Kesselman

    Technological Publication Process System (Is This Missing Knowledge in Researchers?)
    Somayya Madakam, Chandan K Jha, Rajesh K Arora and Siddharth Tripathi

    Krishikosh: Institutional Repository of National Agricultural Education and Research System (NARES) of India: An Analytical Study
    G Rathinasabapathy, K Veeranjaneyulu and Amarendar Kumar

    Information Management and Knowledge for Development in Public Policy: Importance of Information Resource Centre(IRC) in Public Organization Compliance with RTI -Bangladesh Perspective
    M Abu Sayeed

    5. Transformation Towards Smart Libraries

    5.1 Smart Libraries

    Evaluation of Major Digital Libraries based on DigiQUAL Protocol
    M. Naushad Ali and Azra Aftab

    The Delphi Project: Transforming Flemish Libraries to User-oriented Points of Information
    Patrick Vanden Berghe

    Nehru Centre Library: Infrastructure of the Future
    Arati Desai

    Code Your Library: A Futuristic Approach of Programming Languages for Library Professionals and Library and Information Science Curriculum
    Upender Singh Sudan and Arvind Rithoriya

    Future of Libraries in the Intelligent Web Era
    Monika Verma and C B Singh

    5.2 Skills and Core Competency Development

    Good Practices of Achieving Effective Customer Relationships Using Extended and Smart Outreach Activities
    Shubhada Apte

    5.2 Service Innovation and Architecture

    Refocusing with Digital Information Services Using Quick Response (QR) Code in Digital Libraries and Information Centres: A Trends to Changing Information Landscape
    B P Singh

    Posters (Abstracts)

    Knowledge Management: A New Paradigm in the Information Profession
    Bappah Magaji Abubakar

    Digital Preservation and Access Management
    S S Awchar

    Information Management and Use of ICT in the Government Engineering College Libraries of West Bengalan Analytical Study
    Narendra Bhattacharya and Subarna Kumar Das

    E-Learning: Its Concept, Definition and Challenges Faced in Higher Education
    Vikreshwari Dangwal Bhatt and Y S Verma

    Knowledge Discovery in Databases: An Overview
    Kaushal Kishor Chaudhary and Amit Kishore

    Development of a Knowledge Repository of Databank and Communication Data Grid for Big/Large Data amongst the DST and CSIR Research Laboratories with the help of NKN [National Knowledge Network] High Bandwidth Backbone Facility
    Abhijit Dasgupta and Swastik Sinha

    Best Practices in Digital Library Services
    M Dorairajan and R T Vijaya

    Website Development with Joomla Content Management System (CMS): A Case Study of Tagore Library, Chitkara University Himachal Pradesh
    Mahipal Dutt

    Introduction on Chatbot Technology with Description of Program
    Seema Dwivedi

    Massive Open Online Course (MOOCs): Challenges and Prospects
    Anand Gawadekar

    MOOCs and Library & Information Science Education
    K F George

    Multilingual Database Develop with Unicode for Indic (Indian) Scripts
    B M Gohel, R D Parmar and N B Gohel

    Knowledge Management Research: The Perspective of African Scholars from Google Scholar Database
    Yahya Ibrahim Harande

    Digital Preservation and Access Management
    P Indira

    Digital and Mobile Technologies for Managing Library Support to Academic Staff and Students: The Internet Experience of Academic Libraries
    Victoria O Itsekor, Chidi Deborah Isiakpona, Aderonke Asaolu and Nwanne Mary Nwokeoma

    Digital Library and Best Practices: A Case Study of Alliance University Library, Bengaluru
    C N Joshi and T C Shivaraj

    Role of Copyright Act in Libraries
    Musheer Ahmad Khan

    Modeling Information Seeking Behavior of Scholarly Community
    Mudasir Khazer and Shabir Ahmad Ganaie

    Digital Libraries Development and Current Status: A Review
    Mudasir Khazer, Huma Shafiq, Uzma Qadri and Iram Mukhtar Mahajan

    Multimedia Resources and Libraries: Application and Limitations

    Information Seeking Behavior of Users with Special Reference to Nehru Memorial Museum & Library (NMML)
    Ajit Kumar, Vikas Kumar and Pankaj Chaurasia

    Digital Library Case Studies and Best Practices
    Ranjan Kumar and Keshav Raj

    Visualization of Knowledge Map for Yogic Science Using FreeMind
    Vinod Kumar B L and Khaiser Nikam

    Scholarly Journal Publishing System-360° View
    Somayya Madakam, Chandan K Jha and Rajesh K Arora

    Digital Preservation and Access Management: The CSSSC’s Step Into the Virtual World
    Jayeeta Majumder and Kamalika Mukherjee

    Skills and Competencies of LIS Professionals in Digital Environment
    R Mohan and B R Doraswamy Naick

    Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) for Libraries
    M Murugan

    Copyright (IPR) Issues and Professional Ethics in Library and Information Science (LIS) Departments of South Indian Universities
    B R Doraswamy Naick and Srinivas Alapati

    Smart Future: Through Web and Technology Based Education System
    Omkar Pandey

    IEEE and NITK Surathkal: A Partnership to Improve Student Engagement with Library Resources
    Dhanukumar Pattanashetti and Iranna Shettar

    Usage of Social Media in University Libraries of Bangladesh - A study
    Md Zillur Rahman

    The Use of Information Retrieval Tools by the Postgraduate Students of Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Jamshoro
    Liaquat Ali Rahoo, Azam Ali Halepoto and Pir Roshan S Rashdi

    Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a Boon or Bane to the Libraries: A Case Study of Research Centre Imarat (DRDO)
    B Naga Mohan Rao

    Marching Towards Providing Excellence Library Services by Google Sites
    Gawadekar Anand S and J N Gautam

    Benefits of Skills and Competency Management for Library and Information Science Professionals
    Ravindra D Sarode

    The Changing Landscape and Future of Open Access in India
    Leena Shah, Vrushali Dandawate and Sridhar Gutam

    Use of Electronic Information Resources: A Case Study
    A P Shanmugam

    Apprehension of Realization: A Comparative Study of Library and Hospitality Women Managers in Fiji
    Uday Chandra Shukla and Chetan Shah

    Information Seeking Behavior of Researchers of Arabic Studies in Central Universities of India: A Case Study of Delhi University
    S N Singh and Tabasum Begum

    Moodle: Innovative Technology for Enhancing the Classroom Interaction
    K Srinivas and D S Thakur

    Knowledge Discovery and Open Data Mining in the Linked Data Cloud: The Great Digital Divide in the Indian Context - The Bold Truth
    Dhanalakshmi Shankar Subramanian

    Using Research Social Media (ResearchGate, etc.) in Supporting Postgraduate Research and Scholarly Communication
    Ahmed Taha

    User Satisfaction About Library Resources and Need of Marketing: A Study of The North Cap University Gurgaon (India)
    T D Tilwani and Deepak Sharma

    Digital Rights Management as Information Access Barrier
    Bhavani Viswanathan


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