OCEANS: the new frontier

  • Author(s): Pierre Jacquet, Rajendra K Pachauri and Laurence Tubiana
  • Size: 190 mm x 230 mm
  • Pages: 238
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9788179934029
  • Cover Price:

    Rs.655.00 / US $45.00

  • Special Price: Rs. 590.00 / US $41.00

Book Details

Oceans – The New Frontier explores how human community insistently pushes the oceans’ limits, seeking to exploit all of their varied resources – minerals, fisheries, fuels and genetic material. The ocean frontier is constantly being redefined by new discoveries, technologies, national strategies, and ecological imperatives. Increasing dependence of humanity on the resources of the oceans has blurred the boundaries between the mainland and oceans.

As humanity’s footprint extends, oceans are seeing intense conflicts between actors and issues. The book questions the ability of global governance to regulate access to resources and services provided by the oceans so as to protect the ocean ecosystems. The chapters show how the global governance system has not been adequately responsive while in many cases local initiatives have contributed the solutions. Special sites, like sea-ports, can provide levers for action.

Oceans – The New Frontier is part of a series of annual publications on sustainable development (A Planet for Life) prepared under the scientific leadership of leading figures in the field of sustainable development.

Key Features

    • Associate editors: Raphaël Jozan (AFD), Julien Rochette (IDDRI) and Sanjivi Sundar (TERI)

    • Papers by leading international experts and scholars

    • New perspectives from across the planet

    • Multiple maps, charts, timelines and thematic focus essays

    • A wealth of ideas for specialists and non-specialists alike (policy makers, administrators, concerned citizens, development professionals, entrepreneurs, journalists, students and others)


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