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Alternative development paths: scope for mobilizing

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India has emerged as a rapidly developing economy in the 21st century. However, to support this growth, India needs to modernize its electricity sector and increase its generating capacity in the coming years. This calls for substantial investment in the sector over the next few decades. The investments must be economically, socially, and culturally consistent with the needs of India. Such investments in the energy sector being long term in nature, appropriate choices must also be made from the perspective of technology and environment

This publication focuses on various 'alternatives in development' to ensure future sustainability of India's electricity industry and generate policy options for both developing the power sector and mobilizing foreign resources. It also looks at the critical issue of how India can develop required institutional framework that can promote the modernization of the electricity sector by encouraging endogenous and exogenous sources of funding into specific areas, issues related to technology transfer and sustainable development, the role of donor agencies and climate change funds, etc.

A three-pronged research strategy was adopted to untangle the issues facing the electricity sector in India. First, the research team carried out a literature survey covering scientific literature, reports, and policy documents. Second, it studied country-specific cases to understand the lessons learnt from specific outcomes of the work done by other countries. And third, the team interviewed various stakeholders from the private sector, government, multilateral institutions, non-governmental organizations, and academic community. The information thus gathered was finally synthesized and a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis was carried out.

This publication, titled Alternate development paths: scope for mobilizing international resources for funding the power sector in India, will be useful to policy-makers, financial analysts, academics, decision-makers in international development agencies, and those interested in India's power sector.

Table of Contents




    Research team

    Executive summary

    The challenge of modernizing the electricity sector in India

    The Indian electricity sector and options for modernization

    Case studies of other countries and lessons learnt on modernization

    Approach to implement modernization options

    Endogenous sources of funding and their profile

    International institutional context

    Chapter 7
    Financial resources from the climate change funds

    Other foreign investment

    Chapter 9

    Conclusions and recommendations