Policy Analysis for Effective Development: Strengthening Transition Economies

  • Author(s): Kristin Morse and Raymond J Struyk
  • Size: 200 mm × 240 mm
  • Pages: 441
  • Binding: Paperback
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  • ISBN: 9788179930830
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Book Details

This practical text provides analytic tools and real-world examples to equip both students and professionals with the skills they need to develop and implement effective public policies.

Focussing on transition economies, Morse and Struyk concentrate on the day-to-day tasks involved in tackling social and economic policy issues. They thoroughly cover the practicalities of activities such as allocating resources, balancing political and technical factors, introducing competition into the public sector, weighing costs and benefits, monitoring and evaluating programs, and even presenting policy recommendations, as well as the specifics of the actual decision-making process. Exercises and case studies allow readers to apply lessons learned to real situations.

Table of Contents

    List of Tables and Figures
    Why Policy Analysis

    Part 1 The Basic Tools
    The Policy Analysis Model
    Stakeholder Analysis
    Data Collection and Analysis

    Part 2 Designing and Implementing Policies and Programs
    Allocating Government Resources
    Assigning Government Responsibilities
    Implementing Government Programs
    Outsourcing Public Services

    Part 3 Monitoring and Evaluating Programs
    Program Monitoring
    Performance Management
    Program Evaluation
    Impact Evaluation
    Benefit-Cost Evaluation

    Part 4 Preparing Policy Recommendations
    Preparing Policy Recommendations
    Appendix: Policy Case Studies




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