Business unusual: championing corporate social responsibility

  • Author(s): R K Pachauri
  • Size: 140 mm × 210 mm
  • Pages: 55
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  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9788179930403
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Yes, we should make our development sustainable. Yes, we must consume less, produce more, waste nothing. But why would any profit-making enterprise consider investing in social welfare when its revenue targets are racing away and its competition is catching up? What makes a corporate look beyond 'shareholders' and connect with 'stakeholders'? What drives the champions of corporate social responsibility? 'Business unusual' has the answers.

Thought-provoking solutions from Mr Anand Mahindra and Prof. Jeffrey Sachs.

Experience-based insights from over 20 leading global and Indian CEOs.

Hands-on findings from five sectors.

Answers that prove that no business can succeed in a society that fails.


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