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Regional environmental management plan: issues and approaches

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Industrial development has contributed immensely to economic growth in India. In the process of development, the centre stage has been taken by rapid and tangible economic growth, unfortunately sidelining another equally important aspect of the issue - the environment. The result is that after 50 years of Independence, our industries generate massive quantities of residuals, which not only deteriorate environmental quality, but also adversely affect human health and well being. And ironically, it is increasingly becoming an economic burden. Many areas in India have already been identified as critically polluted by the Central Pollution Control Board, Government of India. It is becoming clearer and clearer that environmental planning needs to be effectively integrated with developmental planning to ensure holistic and balanced growth at all levels.

This book broadly covers the various aspects of developmental planning and discusses the methodologies that are being adopted by different agencies for preparing environmental management plans for different regions. Shortcomings in currently prevalent methodologies, the difficulties envisaged while preparing such plans, and other issues including implementation and public participation have been discussed. The book also provides information on important subjects such as definition of the study region, various frameworks, modelling tools, time frames, scenarios to be developed, and implementation aspects as a part of the preparation of the development plan. The book lays special emphasis on carrying capacity based developmental plan or regional environmental management plan for specific regions in India.

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    Major changes have been taking place in the approach to monitoring and management of environmental quality in different parts of the world. Today, while there is a perceptible shift from command and control type approaches to market-based instruments for improving and managing environmental quality, there is also a shift in defining the boundaries of locations where environmental quality needs to be measured and managed. Essentially, this latter change relates to defining regions and large areas rather than specific points and localized spots. This enlargement of areas for consideration of environmental factors is derived from the fact that environmental quality is the sum total of a complex set of actions and effects that cannot be localized and constrained geographically, but in fact require an understanding of the linkages across a wide area. TERI has pioneered the concept of area-wide environmental considerations in India and the logic of setting standards for environmental quality based not merely on standards limiting emissions from single point or mobile sources individually, for instance, but taking an area as a whole, such that it is defined by forces and their linkages which have a comprehensive combined effect on environmental quality.

    This volume contains papers prepared by a set of leading experts in India to deal with the issue of REQM (regional environmental quality management). These papers cover not only an understanding of the concept of REQM, but also an understanding of tools and techniques by which such management can be carried out. The book includes discussion of results from empirical work done on the subject by researchers in India, and how the experiences generated can be used for similar work not only in India but in other parts of the world as well. It is hoped that this volume would provide a useful addition to the literature in a science which is evolving, and which requires multi-disciplinary approaches for effective solutions to environmental problems.


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  • Proceedings of the workshop on regional environmental quality management,held on 25 November 1998, New Delhi, India