Come along with Hariya New

Come along with Hariya

  • Duration: 05 Minutes
  • Language: English
  • Cover Price: Rs.200.00 / US $10.00
  • Special Price: Rs.180.00 / US $9.00


Hariya is a regular 8-year-old city boy. Among his many friends are his books- especially the ones that draw him closer to nature. These books take Hariya to a fantasy world where he meets many animals who share the cityscape with him, but are now threatened because of a degrading environment. This animation fi lm captures Hariya’s tryst with his animal friends and how they infl uence him to imagine a new world where humans can happily co-exist with other species. The fi lm is a collaborative effort between TERI’s Press and Film Unit, which work together to promote environment education for children. The film has been made with support from Dubai Cares.

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